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Christian Bale Movies
A.k.a. Bruce Wayne movies.
Disney Kids
These characters are lucky if they get a montage to show how they grew up.
Click the Flick IV
With good movies comes good trivia! Find out 25 things you didn't know about the making of some of your favorite films.
Wizard of Oz Wishes
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
Richest Fictional Characters
Sure they aren't real, but their fictional tax dollars help fund better fictional schools, improve fictional roads, and increase fictional defense.
Movie Character Rainbow
Is there a pot of gold at the end? Probably not, but you should play this quiz anyway.
Movie Bioclicks
Playing a famous person has REALLY got to put the pressure on these actors.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common IX
We admire these films for focusing on what they have in common, and not what sets them apart.
Groundhog Day
That's right, wood chuck chuckers ... it's GROUNDHOG DAY
Bond Villains
No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!!!
John Travolta Movies
Vinnie Barbarino sure has made a lot of movies, not so much for the rest of the Welcome Back Kotter gang.
20 Famous Movie Friendships
These movie characters are best friends, at least until the credits roll.
Famous Movie Children
They're cute and all, we just wish they'd get off our lawn.
Angelina Jolie Movies
Billy Bob Thornton's ex-wife seems to always find herself in the news...sometimes even for making movies.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'F'
Here's a few fantastic famous actors.
Movie Death Haikus
Turning a death into a haiku might not make it less painful, but it definitely makes it more entertaining.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'L'
These actors are a tough act to follow.
'W' Movie Characters
If we flipped these people upside down, would they become 'M' movie characters?
Falling Asleep at the Movies
Not all of these characters are looking for a good night's sleep.
'S' Movie Characters
These actors are just so sneaky.
Movie Checkpoints
With the history of video game adaptations of movies, what have we got to lose giving these films the 8-bit treatment?
Movies By the 10 Minute Mark
A lot can happen in those first ten minutes.
Same Name Slideshow
Are these same names by coincidence, or by design? We smell a conspiracy.
Edward Norton Movies
Ed Norton doesn't make a lot of movies but when he does he garners tons of awards, well except for when he played Bruce Banner.
'80s Movies by Characters
It seems like George Lucas made up character names by pulling random words out of a hat.
Owen Wilson Movies
This is pretty much the same as the Ben Stiller movie quiz, with a Luke Wilson movie or two thrown in for good measure.
30 Female Title Characters
These famous films put females first.
Movie by Four Character First Names
We're on a first name basis with these characters anyway.
Animated Character Sort
We hope one day they'll all appear in a feature film together, much like The Avengers.
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