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Click Me Five: Actors by Role II
Sorry actors everywhere, playing an astronaut in a movie doesn't mean you get to go to space in real life.
Justifying the Means: Movies
They say you've got break a few eggs to make an omelette.
'Groundhog Day' Events in Order
OK campers, rise and shine!
Movie Character Slot Machine
This slot machine won't take your money.
Movies by First Frame II
We'll grab the popcorn.
Movie Cast Match (2011)
We're fairly certain that every movie released in 2011 was a sequel.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common X
If you squint hard enough, you can find something in common with all these movies.
Multiple Choice Movie Slideshow
Movie snacks may be ridiculously overpriced, but a movie doesn't feel complete without a bucket of popcorn and a $5 candy bar.
Lion King Voices
If you don't get all these, just start singing hakuna matata.
'Star Wars' Top 50
'I just hit someone!' said no stormtrooper ever.
Coca-Cola In Movies
We swear it isn't a product placement quiz, Coke is just everywhere.
Fierce Females
Frankly, we're a little frightened.
Film Franchise by Character
You can't have a billion dollar franchise without a few memorable characters.
Jennifer Aniston Movies
We were going to do a quiz on Jennifer Aniston ex-boyfriends, but thought that a movie quiz was a little less tabloid.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common VII
You can probably find a commonality in any four movies if you try hard enough.
Headless Animated Movie Slideshow
These characters probably just have their head in the clouds.
Drew Barrymore Movies
That little girl from that one movie with the alien and the glowing finger is all grown up.
20 Famous Movie Flashbacks
Why not just start the movie with the flashback and go in chronological order?
Headless Movie Slideshow II
When you remove the faces from movies you start to notice there are a lot of movie scenes where people are sitting around in their underwear.
Movie Grab Bag Slideshow
With so much movie trivia out there, sometimes you want a little bit of everything.
'D' Movie Characters
What do 'D'-ese characters have in common?
'R' Film Characters
'R' names are more than a fad because they're so rad and we're not even mad.
Sports Movie Characters
There's no better athlete than a fictional athlete.
That Villain Is the Good Guy!
Well, you have to listen to both sides of the argument.
10 Actresses, 3 Decades
It's pretty safe to say that these women know a thing or three about acting.
How I Met Your Movie Character
We really wanted Neil Patrick Harris in all of these. He needs a better agent.
Disney Moms
Disney moms are like real moms, but two dimensional.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie!
This is possibly the first eight-layer movie salad that's ever been made. Consume carefully.
Click the Star Wars Characters
Yes, a Sporcler's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side.
5-Star Best Picture Winners
A Best Picture quiz? Are you not entertained?
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