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8 Scenes, 1 Movie! XVIII
This is actually a good way to watch movies 8 times faster.
Fictional Characters with California surnames
Can you choose the characters given their last names, which are also California cities or towns?
The Dustice League
They don't feel so good.
'S' Star Wars Picture Click
Some spectacular Star Wars sights!
Disney Characters by Voice Actor TV Roles
When prompted by a Disney character, can you correctly pick the picture of that voice actor in a TV role?
Spielberg Movie Bunker
How many Spielberg movies have you seen?
TV Star and Movie Star! (Slideshow)
Name the actor from their well known TV role and movie role? .
Lego Dimensions Minifigures
Name the characters or franchises represented by these Lego Dimensions Minifigures.
Die Hard Yippee-Ki-Yay
I'm going to get a perfect score on this quiz. Yippee-Ki-Yay.
Word Ladder: Luke Skywalker Quotes
Name the four-letter words in this Luke Skywalker-themed word ladder.
Get the Picture: Anchorman
Can you choose the Anchorman character who fits each clue?
Emma Stone Movies By Tagline
Why isn't the tagline just "Emma Stone is in it"
Where Did They Originate?
Not all movies are based on books. Some are based on television!
Scorsese Character Blitz
Pick these characters from Scorsese films.
Movie Cast Minesweeper
Talk about a box office bomb.
Movie by Repeated Quote VII
Sometimes you end up with quotes that are more well known than the movie they're from.
Star Wars Dads
Darth Vader knows a ton of dad jokes, but his humor is on the dark side.
Get the Picture: Wood or Radcliffe
Can you choose whether Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe stars in these movies?
Paint a Picture of Harry Potter
Can you answer questions about Harry Potter to create an image of him?
Donald, Daisy, or Daffy Duck?
Choose either Donald or Daisy or Daffy Duck
Disney Crossword: Create the Castle
Can you build the Disney castle?
'90s Movie Character Match
"Show me the trivia!"
Animated Movie By Main Character
How many animated characters do you know?
Sudoku: Shakespeare
Can you correctly place each Shakespeare character on the 4x4 Sudoku grid? (See 'How to Play')
Movies by Space Suit
These movies are... out of this world.
Harry Potter Cushions
Name the Harry Potter Characters who inspired these cushions or pillows.
Which Comic Book Character Did I Not Play?
There's no end of comic book characters to play.
Movie Teachers By Film Blitz (Picture Click)
Who knew you could learn so much from a movie?
Tarantino Character Blitz
"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?"
Click Five: Tarantino Characters
How many Tarantino characters do you know?
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