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Bill and Ted History
We hope you enjoy this most excellent quiz.
Find That Movie!
Back in our day, we had to drive to Blockbuster if we wanted to find a movie.
Disney Sorting Gallery IV
The Disney empire goes beyond your old VHS collection, but you already knew that.
Movie Character Blitz II
These characters are kind of a big deal. People know them.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common VI
You might say Hollywood doesn't have any original ideas, but we like to think they're just really good at sharing.
Movie Character Blitz III
S'more power to you if you can get all these right.
Actor-Character Mix
Mixing these two up only ends with a head scratch.
Movie Cast Match (2012)
2012, the year that the movie 'Battleship' showed us that Rihanna should never be an actress.
Full Names In Movie Titles
Talk about putting your whole self into a movie role.
Anything But Star Wars
Remember, almost everything on this quiz is a trap!
Movie Cast Match (2010)
2010: The year that two divas got together to make a movie and no one paid any attention.
Name That Movie III
Here is another movie quiz on people we know better than anyone..ya know, the movie characters.
Movie & Character Match
Wait, Buddy the Elf wasn't in Lord of the Rings!?
'90s Movies by Characters
This quiz could make you feel like a slacker.
5 Scenes, 1 Actor
There's no need to make a scene...
Disney/Pixar Character Rainbow
If the world was more like a Disney movie, then we'd all be this colorful.
The Princess Bride
This is one of my favorite movies. Perhaps because it has: Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love. And Miracles.
Movie Couples by Silhouette
Some are romantic, and some are platonic, but we can all agree that these are some of the greatest movie couples of all time.
Movie Couples (1990s)
Just to be sure on these credits, we spent the last week re-watching all these movies, oh the things we do for research.
Zoolander Trivia
I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.
Films by Characters in Other Films II
I'd love it if Rocky Balboa and Dr. Frank-N-Furter did a comedy together someday...but that will probably never happen.
'C' Movie Characters
Let's 'C' how well you do.
Films by Beginning Title Cards
We always imagine the title text being read in a deep, solemn voice. Maybe it's the music.
Movie By Opening Line II
Way out west there was this fella... fella I wanna tell ya about.
5-Star Movie Quotes
Are you a movie quote guru? Boy do we have the quiz for you!
Movie Cast Match (2013)
Seems like every movie gets a sequel these days.
Which of the Two... Movies
You don't need to have seen any movies at all to guess your way through this one.
20 Famous Improvised Movie Scenes
Movies cost millions of dollars to make, but it seems like they make up a lot of things right on the spot.
Top Gun Nicknames
I feel the need...the need for some Sporcle!
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