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Clickable Movie Character Groups
Someone has to corral these characters together.
Movie Character Blitz
Life is like a Sporcle quiz.
AFI 100 Years 100 Laughs
When you see this list you might say, "Surely you can't be serious!"...we are serious and don't call us Shirley.
Who's That Actor II
So, who was that actor who played that one guy in that film about the stuff, you know, and he was trying to get that girl?
Batman Movies
The most recent Batman film made just a hair more than the first one.
Franchise Character Countdown
As long as box office figures hold strong, these characters will stick around.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common V
Hollywood certainly does its part to help the planet. So many movie ideas get recycled each year.
'A' Movie Characters
Playing this quiz is sure to build character.
Harry Potter Characters in All 8 Films
Or 14 faces that got A LOT of screen time.
Star Wars 'Bad Feeling' Minefield
Just make sure to have a 'good feeling' when playing this quiz.
Julia Roberts Movies
The woman is so famous her characters have even played her.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common IV
Quartets of movies for your déjà vu-ing pleasure.
Click Me Five: Actors by Role
Some jobs get all the movies.
Movie Couples (2000s)
We think you should be able to get more than a 'couple' of these right.
Going to the Dogs
As I look over the movie resumes of these famous mutts, I can't help but look at my dog and be somewhat disappointed by her lack of ambition
Criteria Characters: Pixar
Do you know your animation?
Were These Movie Characters Real?
So it's actually true that Abraham Lincoln fought vampires? Now that's something.
The 'Wolf Pack' Toast
If you tend to think of yourself as a one man wolf pack, this is the quiz for you.
Batman Actors/Actresses
You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain...or someone else comes along and plays your character.
'B' Movie Characters
'B' characters don't necessarily make 'B' movies.
Progressively Harder Star Wars Characters
If you want this quiz to get easier as you go, start at the end you must.
Disney Princess Lineup
This is a lineup that would not be caught dead at the police station.
LOTR: Actors
You stared at these folks for upwards of 558 minutes, it seems like you should probably know their names.
Memorable Movie Moments
What was this quiz about again, we totally forget.
Non-Human Movie Characters 7-to-1
Robots are characters too.
Movies Without a Character's Face
It's tricky to guess a movie without being able to see an actor.
The Main Character Dies!
In case you didn't guess it from the title...spoiler alert!
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'A'
We can't guarantee that all these 'A' actors are actually on the A-List.
Bubba Gump Shrimp
Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea.
Odd One Out: Disney Characters
One thing about this quiz is that you can create some really odd Disney mash-up movies.
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