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How I Met Your Movie Character
We really wanted Neil Patrick Harris in all of these. He needs a better agent.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie IX
If you don't have the patience to sit through a full movie, have we got a quiz for you!
Silhouettes: Harry Potter Characters
Harry Potter jokes can be really Krummy.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common X
If you squint hard enough, you can find something in common with all these movies.
Blue Pill or Red Pill? Movie Dilemmas
Choices, choices. What are we gonna do with all these choices?
Top Grossing Actors Minefield
Pick the actors whose movies have made at total of over $2.5 billion at the US Box Office.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! VIII
You want a piece of these films?
5-Star Best Picture Winners III
Keep your friends close, but your Sporcle closer.
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
How I Met Your Movie Villain
These characters want to make a bad first impression.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie
This is possibly the first eight-layer movie salad that's ever been made. Consume carefully.
5 Scenes, 1 Actor
There's no need to make a scene...
8 Scenes, 1 Movie II
This quiz is fun any way you slice it.
That Villain Is the Good Guy!
Well, you have to listen to both sides of the argument.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! VII
A further dissection of these scenes may be required.
30 in 60: Disney Characters
Playing this quiz is like fast-forwarding through all of your favorite childhood friends.
X-Men: Days of Future Partying Logic Puzzle
We have just one question: How do you get an invite?
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! VI
Movies are always better when you watch 8 scenes at once.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! X (Slideshow)
Name the movie from 8 scenes sliced together.
5 Scenes, 1 Actor II
This quiz is like watching 5 movies all at once, but don't do that, it'll give you a migraine.
Hogwarts Students (Picture Box)
Name the Hogwarts Students.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! V
This quiz is like an 8-layer dip without all the indigestion.
Movies by the Wide Shot
Take a step back as you admire these movies.
Movies by First Character: Disney
Name the Disney and Pixar movies from the first frame featuring a character.
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common IX
We admire these films for focusing on what they have in common, and not what sets them apart.
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 1992
each actor to the correct 1992 film in which they appeared?
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common VIII
Where have all the Mike Myers movies gone? We miss seeing you on-screen, Mike.
Were These Movie Characters Real?
So it's actually true that Abraham Lincoln fought vampires? Now that's something.
Disney Villains
You can't have a a great Disney hero unless they face a worthy Disney villain.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie III
This quiz has many layers.
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