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Film by Controversy
Match the film to the controversy it raised.
Monty Python: Black Knight (picture click)
Match the quote with the picture of Monty Python's Black Knight.
Almost Useless Sketch Comedy Trivia
Can you answer these almost useless trivia questions about sketch comedy TV shows?
Movie By Funko! (Part One)
Can you identify the movie (or movie franchise) by its Funko characters?
Subcategories Sorting Gallery - Television
Pick the answers that belong into each Sporcle subcategory.
Eight Letter Just for Fun A-Z
Name the eight-letter Just for Fun answers.
Who's That With John Cleese?
Happy birthday to the silliest walker of them all.
Television Sixes
Blossom's best friend wasn't available for this quiz.
How big a Nerd, Geek or Dork are you?
Name the various nerdy things.
Seven Letter Just for Fun A-Z
Name the seven-letter Just for Fun answers.
TV Show by Necklace
Taking style off the small screen.
Monty Python's Quotable Quotes
Can you choose the origin of each of these Monty Python quotes?
Twenty-Five Groups of Six
Can you identify all six members of the following groups?
A Very Silly Portrait: Monty Python
How much do you know about Monty Python?
Super Fun Movie Quiz 4!
Name the answers in this selection of movie-based categories? Have fun!.
Monty Python Typing Challenge
Can you type the progressively longer words, all relating to Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
TimeOut: 100 best COMEDY movies ever
Name the 100 best comedy movies ever based on TimeOut magazine's survey.
Six Letter Just for Fun A-Z
Name the six-letter just for fun answers.
By Numbers: Monty Python
Name the many things about Monty Python.
Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit
We want to learn how to defend ourselves against pointed sticks, do we? Getting all high and mighty, eh? Fresh fruit not good enough for you eh?
Top 200 Words in 'Monty Python/Holy Grail'
Since we don't want to give away answers...insert your favorite Monty Python quote here ________.
Missing Word: Monty Python Sketches
Name the missing word from the titles of these Monty Python sketches.
Missing Word: Monty Python
Name the missing words from these things associated with Monty Python.
Lupin Production (Dennis Moore!)
Name the biggest producers of lupins according to the Food and Agricultural Org. of the U.N..
Monty Python Movies
We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing!
'And Now For Something Completely' Missing
Name the object missing from these scenes from Monty Python's 'And Now For Something Completely Different'.
What's Missing? (Holy Grail Scenes)
No Shrubbery required.
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