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Sunday Crossword: All Mixed Up
Throw some words and ice in a blender, mix it all up, and you'll have yourself a tasty crossword margarita.
Mixed Word: Eminem Songs
Try this quiz with a bunch of M&Ms in your mouth for maximum success.
Sunday Crossword: Apt Anagrams
Anagrams are proof that letters have way too much utility.
Sunday Crossword: Vicious Circles
Don't screw with circles. They have infinite sides.
Mixed Word: Pitbull Songs
Can you unscramble these songs of Pitbull?
Crossword: Snack Time
What could be more patriotic than excessive snack consumption?
Mixed Word: Bob Dylan Songs
Can you unscramble the names of these Bob Dylan songs?
Quick Pick: Scrambled Asia
Pick the scrambled words that can be rearranged into a country of Asia and avoid the decoys.
Mixed Word: '90s Movies
Name the unscrambled movies from the 1990s and a bonus film.
Mixed Word: '90s Rock
Name the scrambled bands from the 1990s.
Mixed Word: '90s TV Shows
Name the popular 90s TV shows.
Gryffindor: Scrambled
We like our wizards the same way we like our eggs.
Pick the Anagram
We promise it's just a thumbnail, not a conspiracy theory. Or is it?
Mixed Word: Flowers
Name the flowers by their word jumbles.
Elemental Words
Can you fill the crossword with words containing an element?
Sporcle Jumble: The Hunger Games
Can you unscramble these themed words and then unscramble their bonus letters to find the final word?
Category Cracker: Just For Fun
Not that kind of cracker!
Crossword: Come Full Circle
Can you solve this crossword?
Restated Musicians
Sometimes you have to state it, and then state it again.
Mixed Up & Alphabetized: Old Testament
Name the books of the Old Testament whose letters have been arranged in alphabetical order (and then sorted in alphabetical order).
Anagram Word Building III
We'll be pretty impressed if you can make a whole building out of those blocks.
My Chemical Romance Alphabet Soup
Answer the trivia questions about My Chemical Romance using the alphabet soup.
Wealthy Words
Can you fill the crossword with words containing a currency?
Sporcle Jumble: European Countries
Can you unscramble these themed words and then unscramble their bonus letters to find the final word?
Alphabetical Jumbles: Presidents
Who was your favorite President? President Klop or President Innox?
First Five: Language
We have no proof, but we'd bet that the first five words all had to do with food.
Restated Boys' Names
But clearly not understated.
Four-Letter Jumbles
If you like this quiz, we can always make MROE.
3x3 Word Blitz
There's strength in numbers...just not too many. Three seems about right.
Scrambled Eggs
We'll have ours with just the whites, we're trying to watch our diet.
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