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5-Letter Mixed-Up Sorting Gallery
Anagrams are always full of surprises.
Holiday Alphabet Soup
This time of year, the best thing you can do to keep warm is eat a nice bowl of soup.
Unscramble This!: Bible Books
Pick the words that can be unscrambled to form books of the Old and New Testament (King James Version).
Mixed-Up Celebrity Pairs
We thought we'd mix it up with this quiz, but we only got halfway.
Anagrammed Sports Teams
Tsars vs.Teardrops is a match-up we'd pay to see.
State Capital Match: Swapped First Letter
Be glad that we ONLY swapped the first letter.
First Five: Language
We have no proof, but we'd bet that the first five words all had to do with food.
NFL Jumble
This must be what it feels like to get hit by a NFL defensive lineman.
3x3 Word Blitz
There's strength in numbers...just not too many. Three seems about right.
Four-Letter Jumbles
If you like this quiz, we can always make MROE.
5-Letter Anagram Image Challenge
Beach, beard, beefy? No, wait, those aren't anagrams.
Mixed Word: 6W
Name the scrambled words and names that start with the letter 'W' in the six categories listed below.
Easter Egg Scramble
A heart healthy, multicolored breakfast.
Scrambled Eggs
We'll have ours with just the whites, we're trying to watch our diet.
Mixed Word: Colleges
Name the scrambled colleges.
Can You Anagram It?
'Can You Anagram It' or, if you prefer, its anagram, 'Many Iguana Actor'.
Grated 'Cheese'
We hear this quiz goes great with a large plate of nachos.
Mixed Word: Stuck In My Teeth
Hopefully nothing left over from Thanksgiving is stuck.
Mixed Word Labyrinth
Honestly, we have 'mixed' feelings about this quiz.
Anagram Word Stairs IV
Led Zeppelin should have gone with Stairway to Anagrams. That's MUCH catchier.
Scrambled Geography Trios
Why can't someone make 'Sunny-Side Up Geography'?
Mixed Word: Bird Scramble
Name the scrambled birds.
Progression Is the Thing with Words
And Sporcle is the thing with quizzes.
TV Within TV
How long until there's a TV show about people who watch a lot of TV?
Historical Anagrams II
Sometimes history can seem as scrambled as these words.
Mixed Words: One Word K
Can you unscramble these words that all start with 'K'?
Mixed Word Safe Cracker III
If you do well, we don't recommend moving on to real safes.
Word Addition, Roman Style
"Extendo vocabularum!" Or, are we mixing up Latin with Harry Potter again?
Does It Anagram? (4 Letters)
Half (12) of these four-letter words are anagrams of another common word, while the other 12 are not. If a word has an anagram, solve it; if not, type 'none'.
Mixed Word: Beatrix Potter🐇
Can you unscramble the names and words associated with Beatrix Potter and her books and characters?
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