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Mixed Word: Growing A Words
Name the increasingly longer A words from the scrambled hints.
The Great Sporcle Mystery II
The next installment in Sporcle's magical mystery tour is upon us.
Word Addition, Roman Style
"Extendo vocabularum!" Or, are we mixing up Latin with Harry Potter again?
Mixed Word: Mystery Country IV
Name the unscrambled world countries and the bonus country.
A New Word Order
We look forward to a future Earth ruled by anagrams.
Mixed Word: Themed
Name the unscrambled words with a common theme.
Mixed Word: Spiders
Name the scrambled spiders.
Mixed Word: Highest-Grossing
Name the scrambled highest-grossing 2000's movies.
Mixed Word: Looney Tunes
Name the Looney Tunes characters by unscrambling their names.
Mixed Word: Bands
Name the unscrambled bands.
Mixed Word: Grab Bag V
Name the answers from a 'mixed bag' of categories by unscrambling the words.
Mixed Word: Websites
Name the websites that are scrambled that make up another website.
Mixed Word: Foursomes
Name the anagrams.
Mixed Word: Countries V
Name the unscrambled countries to find the mystery country.
Mixed Word: Mystery Country III
Name the unscrambled countries to find the mystery country.
Mixed Word: Movie Titles III
Name the scrambled movies.
Mixed Word: Elements II
Name the scrambled elements of the periodic table.
Mixed Word: Common Bond XI
Name the names from the scrambled letters below.
Mixed Word: Books
Name the scrambled book title.
Mixed Word: Jumbled Joke
Name the scrambled words and get the answer to the joke.
Mixed Word: Mystery Country II
Name the these jumbled countries to find the mystery country (volume II).
Mixed Word: Mystery Country
Name the these jumbled countries to find the mystery country.
Scrambled Synonyms 7
Can you unscramble these words with similar (but not identical) meanings?
Mixed Word: Barbra Streisand Songs
Can you unscramble the names of these Barbra Streisand songs?
My Chemical Romance Alphabet Soup
Answer the trivia questions about My Chemical Romance using the alphabet soup.
Capital Cities Containing Countries
Can you click which country's letters can be rearranged to fill in the blanks for these capital cities?
Challenging Merged Countries
That's how Czechoslovakia got their name!?!
Scramble Match: Game of Thrones Characters
Match the first and last words of the two-word characters from 'Game of Thrones' (TV Series), where both words have been scrambled.
Jumble #3
Complete this jumble puzzle.
Scrambled City Sets II
Were you considering a summer holiday in LUKAA PLURUM or REALBACON?
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