Missing Word Quizzes

First Word Children's Literature
Name the first word in these children's books.
Missing Word: The Departed
Name the missing word from the movies in which these The Departed actors appeared.
Musician Name Overlap
These musicians are just asking to go on tour together.
Missing Word: 89th Academy Awards
Tough luck to all you one-word nominees.
Missing Word: February Birthdays
Can you give the missing last name of these people with February Birthdays?
Names in Oscar-Winning Films
Hello, my name's Forrest, Forrest...Schindler?
Missing Word: Famous South American People
Name the missing word in each famous South American person's name.
Missing Word: Anatomy Songs
Name the correct words of human anatomy to complete these song titles.
Missing Word: Fox News Shows
Name the word missing from these shows that air on Fox News.
Missing Colors Multiple Choice II
Meanwhile, we're still trying to figure out what color that dumb dress was.
Missing Word: Max von Sydow
Name the Missing Word in these films starring Max von Sydow.
1960s Songs Last Word
Finally, you can get the last word!
Pronounce a Welsh Village
... or try Rhyl (it's easier)
Missing Word: French Actresses
Name the missing words in these films featuring French actresses.
Calvin and Hobbes: Fill-In-The-Food
Name the missing food in these Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.
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