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Minecraft 8 to 1 Sorting Gallery
Can you sort the Minecraft blocks, items and mobs in the given category?
The Best Nintendo Switch Games
Name the Highest Rated Nintendo Switch Games.
Choose a Video Game
Can you choose the video game or video game franchise by the given image?
MINECRAFT: Can you name all the Villager professions
MINECRAFT: Can you name all the Villager professions?
Guess The Minecraft Youtuber's Logo
Name the Guess The Minecraft Youtuber's Logo.
Minecraft Mob Quiz!
Name the Minecraft Mob by picture!.
► Video Game Shower Curtains
Name the video games referenced by the designs of these shower curtains.
Elemental Minecraft!
Can you work out the Minecraft words from the following lists of elements, whose chemical symbols spell them out?
Minecraft Generated Structures
Can you determine if each picture is an actual naturally generated structure or not?
Max. Level of Enchantments
Pick the highest level of each enchantment.
Minecraft different ways to use fuel in a furnace
Name the Minecraft different ways to use fuel in a furnace.
Minecraft Character Map
Can you identify the Minecraft characters?
Minecraft Character Blitz
Pick the Minecraft characters.
► Missing Word: Minecraft (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words to complete ores, products, items, blocks and mobs from the game Minecraft?
Minecraft Armor
Name the different armors in Minecraft.
Minecraft Youtubers
Name the Minecraft Youtubers.
Minecraft: What Can be Found in a Village
Name the things that can be found in a Minecraft Village for each of these categories.
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