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Character-Item Match: Video Games
Can you match each of these video game characters to the item associated with them?
Upside Down Video Game Characters
Name these upside-down video game characters.
Minecraft Crafting
Watch out for Creepers.
Word Ladder: Minecraft Ores
Name the 4-letter words in this Minecraft themed ladder.
Minecraft Mobs
You can run into a lot of strange creatures in Minecraft.
Minecraft Inventory Finder
You could probably figure a good chunk of this out by eyeballing it.
Change a Letter: Video Games
Change one letter and the whole game changes.
Find the Minecraft Block
Use these to build a mansion, or something.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Gaming
They made a 'Super' NES, but why not a 'Mega' NES?
Minecraft Blocks
We never thought that mindlessly tunneling into earth could be fun, but Minecraft has proven us wrong.
Minecraft Ores
These are the things you have to mine if you're going to craft. See how that works?
Get the Picture: Minecraft vs Roblox
Can you choose whether each clue refers to Minecraft or Roblox ?
Skeppy's friends
Can you name some of Skeppy's friends?
Minecraft Food
Anybody tried any Minecraft recipes? Always tastes a little pixelly to us.
Gaming 7-to-1
The real challenge is doing this quiz with a GameCube controller.
Landmarks in Minecraft
Here's some landmarks that were built block by block.
Minecraft Character by Lego
Either way, it's all just blocks.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Gaming
It's about to get very competitive around here.
Video Games by Health Items
Name the video games from their health items.
Minecraft: Things You Can Make With Iron
It turns out that iron is very useful in a world filled with mobs.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Gaming III
You can invent a fun new game by just mixing up all the pieces from the other board games you own.
Minecraft: Things You Can Make With Gold
Everything in this quiz is so shiny.
Video Game by Phonetic Name
We gave these video game titles a little switch.
Video Game by Necklace
Not sure if any of these necklaces will increase your HP, but it's worth a shot.
Minecraft: Things You Can Make With Sticks
The eternal answer to the question: What's brown and sticky?
Video Game Caps
Name the Video Games that inspired these caps.
Video Game Keychains
These are just the thing to add a little something to your boring old key ring.
Minecraft Potions
Name the available potions in Minecraft.
Iron Minefield
Can you click all the items that are crafted exclusively from iron blocks & ingots, while avoiding the ones that aren't?
Gaming Jumbles
While 'INNODENT' might sound like great toothpaste, we assure you it is not.
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