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Digits of Pi
Who knew that math could be so delicious?
Sporcle Puzzle Hunt: Science
Name the numbers that answer the following mathematical instructions based on the previous number.
Unit Circle (Picture Click)
Pick the degress of the Unit Circle when given the matching angle in radians.
Song Time
Who knew you could tell time just by listening to music?
Multiplication Table
It's just like 3rd grade, only without little Bobby shooting spitwads at the back of your neck.
Binary Logic Puzzle III
There are 10 types of people: those that understand binary, and those that don't.
Science Groups Grab Bag
White coat and goggles not included.
Reverse Alphabet: Science
Hopefully you know your science backwards and forwards.
Movie Time
Some movies feel like they go on forever, but eventually they all end.
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle II
You have to be a little insane to finish this logic puzzle.
Simple Math Minefield
It becomes less simple the more the clock runs out.
Speed Math (1-100)
This quiz is as close as you'll ever come to impersonating a calculator.
Minute Math (Multiplication)
What do this quiz and rabbits have in common? They multiply rather rapidly.
1-25 Logic Puzzle
Break out that abacus.
Fast Math
We really thought that all those years of watching Numb3rs was going to help us here.
Number Maze III
We'd hate to be lost in a maze of numbers.
Think-A-Little Numbers Logic Quiz
Can you name complete the numbers logic quiz from the clues given?- (#1-25)
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz VIII
Not to be cheesy, but this quiz is pretty fun.
Quick Click Math Mines
"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.: --John Louis von Neumann
Find the Primes and Perfect Squares!
You don't have to have a beautiful mind to do well on this quiz, but is sure helps.
The Unequal Equation Quiz
Calibrate the addifier! Set the controls on the subtract-o-meter! We have math to do.
Binary Logic Puzzle
Will you be a zero, or will you be the one?
Sporcle High School Logic Puzzle
Who said there was any logic in High School?
1-10 Multiplication Blitz
It's all about the patterns.
Name the answers to these maths problems.
Minute Math (Addition)
We panicked and lost four whole seconds on 5+9. Not our finest hour.
Mesmerizing Math Maze
You are getting very you're drooling. Okay, seriously, you can wake up now.
30 Second Mental Math
If only all math tests could be this short.
Dice Types
Name the amount of sides that each dice has.
Shuffled Cups Game - 6 Cups
Each cup contains an A or a B. There are four A's and two B's randomly assigned. Can you guess which is under each cup?
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