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3-D Miscellany I
Can you pick three correct 'D' answers for each category?
Multiplication Table Modulo 9
Can you fill in the multiplication table for modulo 9 aritmetic?
Mini Sudoku 15
There's a lot of difference between four and nine
Addition Problems
Can you pick out the one number that is not used. You will have to use the other three numbers, add them up, and equal the stated sum.
Area Formulas
Can you choose the correct formula to determine the area of the given figure?
Cross Equations! [Hard]
Can you fill the grid so that every complete row and column in the grid is a true mathematical equation? (See How to Play.)
Count to 10... With a Movies Twist
Shh! The film is about to start.
USA Graph Puzzle
This quiz is off the charts.
Get the Picture: Venn Diagrams
Can you choose the right Venn diagram for each question?
Cross Equations!
Can you fill the grid so that every complete row and column in the grid is a true mathematical equation? (See How to Play.)
First One - Last One (Science)
Name the first and last.
Between Religion and Science
Can you name any number between the 'religious' and 'science' numbers, when the gap declines from 20, to just one?
'Eban' Numbers
These are quite different from eBay numbers, which are related to seller fees.
Multi-Threaded Math Mania
Pick the value of the highlighted variable after its operation (while keeping track of all the others).
That's Out of Nine!
For each number, can you determine what the remainder is after dividing by nine? (See How to Play - It's not as hard as you might think...)
Mini Sudoku XIII
We would wish you luck, but this one is number 13, so...
Sorting Blitz: 1, 2 or 3?
Is the answer one, two, or three? That's up to ye.
5 to 1 Numbers
Pick the numbers described by the given number type.
Mini Sudoku 14
Get your logic caps out!
Over / Under: 1000
Can you determine whether each outcome is under (U) or over (O) 1000?
Criteria Numbers (50-60)
You probably came here to avoid your math homework, didn't you?
Stigler's Law of Eponomy
Stigler's law states that no scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer - can you identify the person for whom the given discoveries are named, despite them not being the ones to have originally discovered them?
Identify the Geometric Transformation!
Time to get your brain in shape with some transforming shapes.
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Can you sort these things in the repeated order: unit of measurement, unit of measurement, synonym for the word cut?
Basic Logic Grid Puzzle 7: Numbers
You can always count on logic.
Get the Picture: Pie Charts
Can you choose the correct pie chart for each question?
Stellar Profile: Sun
If you're good with solar system trivia, this could be your moment in the sun.
Get the Picture: Baker or Mathematician?
Can you decide whether these people deal with baking food, or with math and numbers?
Mini Sudoku XII
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 4.
Pi Trivia
Can you choose the correct answers to these trivia questions about pi?
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