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Minesweeper 10x10 - Hard XIII
Enter safe grid coordinates (e.g., Z6) to reveal the board bit by bit. Once you know a mine location, type a preceding '#' to defuse it (e.g., #Z6). Be careful, though, as defusing a non-mine square will cause the minefield to explode.
European Graph Puzzle
Can you identify the nations of mainland Europe on this graph 'map', where countries are represented by nodes and borders by edges? (*See How to Play*)
Trivia Grid Blitz - Numbers
How much number trivia can there really be?
Mini Sudoku II
It might be small, but that doesn't mean it's easy.
What Does 'X' Equal?
This is X-actly the kind of quiz where you may need to break out your chalkboard.
5x5 Math Grid Puzzle
It's kind of like getting out your eraser because you screwed up your Sudoku.
Shape Venn Diagram IV
This quiz shapes up nicely.
True or False Blitz: Science
Tis the season for science fair projects.
Mathematical Symbols (picture click)
Pick the Mathematical Symbols (picture click).
Shape Venn Diagram II
Geometry like this gives us flashbacks to our awkward teenage years.
Time or Distance?
It's time to see if you can go the distance.
Who Am I? Scientists, Mathematicians, and Inventors
With all those ideas whizzing around in their heads, it's no wonder they can't keep track of their names.
Digits in Order of First Appearance in Pi
The worst thing about getting hit in the face with pi is that it never ends.
Logic Puzzle: Scrap Paper Number Grid
Can you correctly place the numbers 1-16 in this number grid based on the clues?
First Occurrences of 0-9 in Pi
Pi is still surprisingly good when served in tiny squares.
Multi-Threaded Math Mania
Pick the value of the highlighted variable after its operation (while keeping track of all the others).
Maths Maze
Pick the successful route around the maths maze.
Math in the Real World
A little math never hurt anyone.
Lively Letters Logic Puzzle
We're throwing everything we know at this one.
Mesmerizing Math Maze
You are getting very you're drooling. Okay, seriously, you can wake up now.
Threesums: 60-Second Math Blitz
Let's just add it up!
Sequence Safe Cracker
You had better put those number skills to use.
Cross Equations!
Can you fill the grid so that every complete row and column in the grid is a true mathematical equation? (See How to Play.)
Sorting Blitz: 1, 2 or 3?
Is the answer one, two, or three? That's up to ye.
Flash Card Math Blitz
This one goes by in the blink of an eye.
True or False Math Statements
This quiz really adds up.
'E' Science Quiz
Name the 'E' Science answers.
Mystery Math Media #3: Noted
Complete the puzzle and make the picture.
Tan-Themed Trivia
This quiz is perfect for when you're missing the beach.
Adds Up to 14
As long as you don't accidentally get 13, you should feel pretty lucky.
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