Math Quizzes

Paint Geometric Shapes
This is like a kindergarten-era nightmare.
Clickable Math Minefield (0-15)
This is your chance to use those math skills you didn't think you'd ever use after graduating.
Shape Venn Diagram
Time to get in shape.
Boolean Math
Forget double negatives - this quiz has quadruple negatives!
First Five: Science
If only there were some ultra-specific piece of scientific jargon that could describe sets of five objects.
M+a+t-h Puzzle
You have 3 clicks. Use them wisely.
Logic Puzzle: 1-25 Number Grid
Make sure your digits are lined up right!
30 Simple Math Match-Ups
The math problems are simple, but we didn't say this was easy.
Solution Sequence Blitz
Your fingers might be quick on the numeric keypad - but can your brain keep up?
Can You Break the Lock?
This is a pretty serious metal probability workout.
-10 Math Problems
This quiz is consistently negative.
Think Fast Math (Multiple Choice)
Get ready to click some wrong answers!
Body Math
Just wait until you see how happy this quiz looks.
Famous Songs, Plus or Minus...
A more fun way to learn math
Identify the graphed functions
Pick the graphs given the function.
10 to 1: Science
Caution. When physicists count down from 10, it's usually because something is launching.
Unit Circle (Picture Click)
Let's heat up winter with a quiz that's got 360 degrees.
Shape Venn Diagram II
Let's hope that 'the shape of things to come' doesn't have this much overlap.
Math Pick: 26-50 (Descending Number Expressions)
This is one of those quizzes that makes me think, "Wow, numbers are really cool."
Multiple Choice Multiplication Blitz
Here at Sporcle, we're the first to defend using one's fingers to count.
Math Picture
Let's use a Sporcle quiz as a chalk board!
Algebra... With a Difference!
When math and language collide, you get...manguage.
Turf Wars: Area of Shapes on a Grid
Who knew staring at graph paper could be this much fun?
First Occurrences of 0-9 in Pi
Pi is still surprisingly good when served in tiny squares.
Somewhere in the Middle (Science)
And here I thought there was just an 'e' in the middle of science.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Science
There's a little bit of everything in this quiz!
Which 2-D Shapes Form 3-D Cubes?
Hone your skills in Sporcligami.
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