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X-Men: Days of Future Partying Logic Puzzle
We have just one question: How do you get an invite?
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Whose side are you on?
Animated Superheroes
These are some awesome people to start Saturday mornings with.
Visual Word Ladder: Skip to My Lou
Name the 4-letter words in these Superhero TV Show themed word ladders?* (please note - the ladders aren't connected to each other).
Quick Pick: 'A' Marvel Comics Characters
Pick the alter-ego beginning with A of each character from Marvel Comics.
Lego X-Men Characters
Name the X-Men characters from their Lego figure.
MCU Characters Logic Puzzle
Can you solve the MCU Characters Logic Puzzle by putting every character in the right cell following logic? - Heroes only - Check How to Play (07/2020)
X-Men Movie Screen Times
Sorry to the one who got the least time. Maybe it was your secret mutant power?
Nine in Time: MCU Characters
Pick the nine Marvel Cinematic Universe characters by name in only 30 seconds.
What's in the Box: Avengers
We not sure if sitting in boxes is something Avengers do. Maybe if they all became housecats.
Movie Titles Missing Marvel Characters
At some point we could just make a dictionary of Marvel characters and it would be fine to communicate with.
Missing Word Crossword: Superheroes
Hopefully superheroes don't get too cross with one another. Too much collateral damage.
Get the Picture: Phases of the MCU
Can you sort these Marvel Cinematic Universe films of the Infinity Saga into the phase in which they were released?
Superhero and Celebrity Match-Up
Match the superheros whose alter egos have the same first names as the celebrities below? (See Source Link for answers) .
Get the Picture: MCU Actors
Can you choose the Marvel franchise each actor is most closely associated with?
Missing Alphabet: Marvel Characters
Honestly, if you have godlike superpowers, learning the alphabet might not be one of your top priorities anymore.
'Avengers: Endgame' Logic Puzzle
Can you locate Thanos, the Avengers and their allies before the time runs out?
Black the Block: Entertainment
Can you answer each Entertainment-themed question below to black out the grid and reveal the hidden final answer? (See 'How to Play' for further instructions)
Get the Picture: X-Men
Can you select the correct member of the X-Men for each clue?
Quick Pick: MCU Characters with Solo Films
Can you identify the Marvel characters who have had their own solo film in the MCU while avoiding the decoys?
Odd One Out: MCU Scenes
What's odd is how these all just kinda blend into one big week-long movie.
MCU Criteria: Original Avengers
If they weren't fighting the Chitauri in New York, they need not apply.
Click the Spider-Man Characters
Don't get caught up in the weird web of characters and timelines.
Quick Pick: Black Widow in MCU
Pick the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that feature Natasha Romanoff.
Click the Avenger
Wasn't 'Click the Avenger' one of the mandates of the Sokovia Accords?
Vowel-less Members of the MCU
Here are some of your favorite cmc bk chrctrs.
Marvel Comics Typing Challenge
We'd imagine some of these heroes are pretty quick typists.
Entertainment Sixes
It's time to get things started!
'Iron Man 2' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Iron Man 2 in order?
Let's Make Spider-Man's Logo
This is probably the easiest way to get pictures of Spider-Man for J. Jonah Jameson.
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