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Superheroes by Mouse Pad
Name the Superheroes by a Mouse Pad Image.
Superheroes by Pendant
Who doesn’t love a little superhero bling?
Comic Book Heroes Concealed
Hidden in each sentence are the names of two comic book heroes. You must get both to score.
Pixelated Superhero Logos
This is what it looks like when the commissioner doesn't have an HD distress signal.
Marvel Characters by Pixel Art
Name the Marvel Characters by their Pixel Art.
Marvel Picture Find: Villains
Sporclers, assemble!
Marvel Costumes: Spider-Man
Pick the correct costume variations of Spider-Man.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment
Think you know your Entertainment subcategories? Prove it.
Marvel Movies: Real or Fake?
Can you tell whether the following title cards are advertising actual MOVIES or not by typing 'Yes' or 'No'?
Multiple Choice Minefield Blitz
Thinking is probably not a wise decision.
Superhero Rainbow
Even better than a double rainbow.
3-D Entertainment
Don't forget to put your glasses in the bin as you exit.
Follow That Line: Marvel Phase II
Don't get your superheroes crossed.
100 Most Popular Marvel Characters
Name the 100 Most Popular Marvel Characters as determined by a 2015 fan vote via 'Comic Book Resource'.
Superhero Kid Costumes
This superhero stuff must be child’s play.
Behind the Mask
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, I mean mask.
Marvel vs DC: The 16-Bit Showdown
Can you correctly find all of the playable combatants in the ultimate Marvel vs. DC video game showdown?
Find the Heroes, Villains and Teams by Symbols
Can you find Heroes, Villains and Teams by their Logo/Symbol?
Fake Toys III
These toys are sure to be at the top of every kid's holiday wish list.
Superhero Actors Sorting Gallery
Pick the actors that played each of these superheroes.
Headless Superheroes
Name these Superheroes who have lost their heads.
Comic Book To-Do Lists
To-do: -Play this quiz.
Comic Book Teddy Bears
They've already saved us from monsters under the bed, now it's time for them to save the world.
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