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Both Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros. Characters
"Punch it!" means something totally different in these two games.
Mario Typing Challenge
No finger speed power-ups available here.
Find the Mario Characters
Pick the correct Mario characters.
Mario Kart 8 Racers
Everything was going just fine, and then...spikey shell!
Who Am I? Clue By Clue - Gaming
Name the video game character from the clues as they are revealed every four seconds? (See How to Play for more details).
Mario, Link or Kirby?
Better a NintenDO than a NintenDON'T.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Gaming
Can you sort the 100 Gaming items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Mixed-Up Video Games
"Street Birds" is definitely a game about pigeons.
Profile: Mario
He's looking pretty good for being on the job almost 30 years.
Video Game by Pumpkin
Oh my gourd. These pumpkins are amazing.
Mario Kart Racers
Mario Karts is pretty much a who's who of the Mario games world - how many characters do you know?
Mario Character Line-Up
Looks like the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom finally went to jail.
Connect the Dots: Video Games
Video game developers use a similar method to create images in their games.
Mario Kart Games
All the best fights as kids were a result of Mario Kart.
The Evolution of Super Mario
When it comes to Mario games, what doesn't kill you makes you smaller.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Gaming
It's all fun and games until you get one wrong.
Mario Kart Items - Real or Fake?
We'd love to see NASCAR drivers try to use these in their races.
Find the Gaming Villains
Usually you have to wait till the end of a game to find the villain.
8-Bit Video Game Characters - Mario
8-bit is the art of doing a lot with a little.
Mario Kart Wii Characters
Watch out for red shells!
Playable Mario Party Characters
There ain't no party like a Mario Party.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Gaming
It's about to get very competitive around here.
4-Letter Mario
Bowser might be shouting some 4-letter words after taking a beating from Mario.
Keep Calm and Play Video Games
Don't know about you, but we find it impossible to keep calm while playing Super Smash Bros.
Missing Hint Letters: Mario Characters
Name the Mario characters described in clues missing the letters of their names.
Spot the Difference IV
This will not be a character analysis of Mario vs Luigi. Though that could be fun.
Video Game Villain Slideshow
The best bad guys are cartoony looking and have great evil laughs.
Super Mario Kart Racers
Ready...set... GO!
Super Mario Bros. 1-1
In Super Mario Bros, what doesn't kill you makes you smaller.
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