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Figure Out the Disney Lyrics
Hey sing along...if you can.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics II
This song will be probably be in your head the rest of the day...if you can figure out what it is.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics III
When you wish upon a can use that wish to figure out what this song is.
Songs by Text Message
These songs make your hotline bling.
American Pie - The Complete Lyrics
Try not to get lost in the third or fourth verse.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics IV
Songs are always a little more catchy in the Magic Kingdom.
Finish the Famous Song Lyric
Turns out Jeremiah wasn't a Wasteland...who knew?
Follow That Lyric: Hamilton
There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait.
Friends Theme Song
Clapping during this quiz is not required, but definitely encouraged.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics V
We're still just trying to figure out why Donald Duck doesn't have to wear pants.
Figure Out the Lyrics
The first step in getting this song in your head, is to figure out what it is.
'Blank Space' Lyrics
There's a blank space waiting for all you Starbucks lovers.
'Winter Wonderland' Clicky-oke
Pick the following words to the popular Christmas carol 'Winter Wonderland'.
Figure Out the Lyrics II
I guess you could say this quiz has questionable taste in music.
'Here Comes the Sun' Lyrics
'Here Comes the Seasonal Allergies' was not quite as inspiring.
Guess BTS - Fake Love English Lyrics
Name the BTS - Fake Love English Lyrics.
Beatles Songs by Three Words
Can you name Beatles songs given three-word phrases from their lyrics?
People Mentioned in 'Hamilton'
So, apparently there is this show called Hamilton that people kind of like. Maybe you've heard of it?
Finish the Lyric
If you try this quiz at work, you might warn your colleagues that you could be spontaneously breaking into song for the rest of the day.
'Burn' Lyrics
Don't worry Eliza, we'd burn those letters too.
Hamilton Song Titles in Other Songs
'I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original.'
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics IX
Disneyland is supposedly the happiest place on earth. But Disney movies? There's some serious drama there.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics VI
When you wish upon a can use that wish to figure out what this song is.
Star-Spangled Banner Lyrics
Happy Independence Day, and be careful with those fireworks!
Pokémon Theme
For some this is a walk down memory lane, for others this is a head scratching experience.
Hamilton or Les Misérables?
'The Room Where I Dreamed a Dream' could be a great mash-up.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XIV
Good luck getting this out of your head.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music
This quizzes includes everything from The Beatles to Kpop.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Music
We'll take soundtracks for $400.
'I Wish' Lyrics
Name the lyrics to Stevie Wonder's 'I Wish'.
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