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Finish the Famous Song Lyric
Turns out Jeremiah wasn't a Wasteland...who knew?
Sung titles: Leonard Cohen
Answer incorrectly and you might get a visit from the Jazz Police.
Follow 'Fire and Rain'
I've Sporcled lonely times when I could not find a friend.
Guess the Lyrics XXIII
Can you figure out the lyrics to this song without any hints?
Finish the Famous TV Theme
Can you pick the last word to these famous lyrics from TV theme songs?
TV Shows in Song Lyrics
This is the perfect quiz for those who binge watch the jukebox at the local bar.
Lyrics: 'My My Hey Hey'/'Hey Hey My My' - Neil Young
Rust never sleeps, but some of us have to
Romeo & Juliet (clicky-oke)
Stars above, I'll Sporcle till I die.
'Jet Airliner' Lyrics
Book yourself a ticket on this ride!
TV Show Theme Songs by First 5 Nouns
Because sometimes a few words are enough.
'Nightswimming' Lyrics
Summer's almost over, so maybe try Nightsporcling instead.
Disney Song Spree
Sing along if you must!
Botched Lyrics
I hope that those returning to school have a better understanding of what they are trying to learn.
Lost in the Supermarket Lyrics - The Clash
Infinitely preferable to being lost on a desert island.
The Wisdom Of Billy Joel
Are you wise enough to ace this quiz?
TV Theme Songs: The Last Line II
These are the perfect lines to lead us into the show.
1970s Lyric Match II
Considering this is a '70s music quiz, there are surprisingly few disco songs here.
Figure Out the Lyrics X
The quicker you figure out the song, the quicker it can get stuck in your head.
Folsom Prison Blues Clicky-oke
'Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.'
♫♬ Shipoopi ♬♫
Do you know the lyrics to this song?
Quick Pick: Proper Songs
You have just one minute to get the miss-ing, mrs-ing or mr-ing word in these song titles.
If...Then Song Lyrics
If you know these songs by heart, then you should have no trouble with this.
'Wrecking Ball' Lyrics
It's totally okay to admit you love this song.
Lyrics for Every Letter: Queen
A different kind of lyrics quiz. I hope you got your sleep because you won't catch any Zs here.
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