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Odd One Out: Lord of the Rings
Name the odd one out in these Lord of the Rings groups.
Middle-Earth/Marvel Comics Match-Up
Match the actor with their Tolkien role and Marvel Comics role.
Lord of the Rings Top 50
Lesson learned: If you are forced to carry the ring around, they will talk about you non-stop!
TripAdvisor Reviews from Middle-earth
Name the Middle-earth location that has garnered each of these reviews on TripAdvisor.
LOTR & Hobbit - Characters in Both
Turns out Middle-Earth is a pretty small world after all.
LOTR Name to Name
An intimate knowledge of the movies will only get you so far on this one.
Lord of the Rings Rulers Match-up
Middle-Earth just wasn't into democracy.
LOTR vs Harry Potter
Imitation is the highest form of flattery...right?
No Hint Sorting Gallery: Literature
It's like a mystery, in quiz form.
Lord of the Rings Character Minefield
Bella Swan is from Lord of the Rings, right?
Lord of the Rings: Who Killed Whom?
Death in the movies? Sean Bean must be involved in some fashion.
Tolkien's Middle-Earth Map
"There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after."
Lord of the Rings or IKEA?
Well, it turns out we're going to have to return that Sauron coffee table after all.
Lord of the Rings by Meaning
What does it all mean?
Elves of Middle-Earth
After the Lord of the Rings movies, there was a rash of people naming their children after characters...those poor poor children.
Council of Elrond
The council grew a bit for the movie version.
LOTR: Races
You might be a crazed war-like creature too if you had horns growing out of your head and an uncontrollable drooling problem.
Westeros, Middle-Earth or Narnia?
Don your wizards robe and sword for this adventure...
Middle-earth Match
Whatever you do, don't try to mix an Elf and a Dwarf, who knows what could happen!
LOTR Typing Challenge
You might actually need a special dwarven rune keyboard for this.
LOTR: Who Held the Ring?
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...on Sporcle.
LOTR Characters by Image
It's been awhile since we've watched them on the big screen, but the return of these characters is coming soon.
Tolkien Sorting Blitz
Can you click the answers in order in the repeated pattern Man, Elf, Dwarf, Elf, without making a mistake?
A Lord of the Rings Christmas
Ho Ho Ho...Hobbit?
Profile: Aragorn
'If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.'
Lord of the Rings Top 50 Places
Any place with a circle door is a good place in our book.
Harry Potter, LOTR or Star Wars?
Three fandoms on one quiz? Day. Made.
Riddles in the Dark
"Thief, thief, thief! Baggins! We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever!"
LOTR Characters by Quote
One doesn't simply walk into Sporcle.
Middle-earth Characters by Father
'Look dad, I bought you this ring for father's day!'
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