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Profile: Aragorn
'If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.'
LOTR Locations Picture Click
Consider them postcards from Middle Earth.
Dying Words in Lord of the Rings Films
Pick the final words spoken by Lord of the Rings characters.
Tolkien Elf or Prescription Drug?
Pick the Elf names from J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium while avoiding the prescription drug names.
Lotr Actors 'Today'
Name the Lord of the Rings characters from pictures of their actors taken in 2013-2016.
LOTR Chapters: Which Volume?
Don't worry, chapters from 'The Silmarillion' aren't included.
Directions to Mount Doom
Mount Doom isn't known so much for its walkability score.
Pop Culture Engagement Rings (Picture Click)
Pick the engagement rings inspired by the following pop culture franchises and characters.
The Hobbit Chapters
In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.
Quick Pick: LOTR Characters
Complete each LOTR character's name.
Illustrated 'The Hobbit'
In a hole in the ground, there lived a...what?
Lord of the Rings: Who Killed Whom?
Death in the movies? Sean Bean must be involved in some fashion.
'Lord of the Rings' Chapters by Any Word
There's a disappointing lack of Elvish words here, but who wanted to try and spell those words anyway?
Criteria Characters: Lord of the Rings
There are some unexpected things on this journey... they're called mines.
Middle-earth Characters by Age
Name the Middle-earth characters by their date of birth / age (See How to play).
Progressively Harder LOTR Characters
You think this quiz gets hard? Try trekking through Mordor.
The Fellowship of the Ring First 200 Words
Don't worry, we're not looking for the elvish that started off the movie.
'The Hobbit' Top 30 & 'LOTR' Top 50
Tolkien just HAD to connect the two, didn't he?
Lord Harry of the Potter Rings (slideshow)
Can you answer the clues below these images which alternate between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter? (Please see the How To Play section)
Lord of the Rings Size Comparisons
Name the Middle Earth Species from LOTR by the pictured size comparisons? (Note: There can be more than one of same species).
LotR: Who's Your Daddy?
Pick the father of each of these characters from Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit.
10 to 1 Shooting gallery: The Hobbit
Pick the 10 to 1 Shooting gallery: The Hobbit.
Lord of the rings: tops 3
Name the 3 most mentioned characters of 'The lord of the rings' in each of these categories .
Word Ladder: Shire. Baggins.
That will lead you here.
Groups of 6 - 1 for each Sporcle Category
Complete the groups of 6 things. 1 for each Sporcle Category
The Hobbit: Characters by Number of Mentions
Name the The Hobbit characters by number of mentions.
Lego Hobbit Characters
Playing with these Lego characters could be Hobbit-forming.
LOTR Title Words Blitz
Name the title words from the Lord of the Rings in order, in under 30 thirty seconds (excluding LOTR).
Fandom Matching
I'm a fan.
LOTR Hobbit Who's Who
Name the Hobbit from the clues given.
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