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News of Hobbiton
Best read with a barrel of Old Toby's by your side.
'The Fellowship of the Ring' Start to Finish
It's a long walk to Mount Doom. Bring your ring.
Missing Word: Return of the King Chapters
Name the missing word from the chapter titles of 'The Return of the King'.
Who Tweeted Whom: Lord of the Rings
Grab your iPalantír and have at it!
The Return of the King: The Field of Cormallen
Can you fill in the beginning of Book VI, Chapter 4: The Field of Cormallen of J. R. R. Tolkien's 'Lord of The Rings' trilogy?
Match 'The Hobbit' Characters
You probably didn't even know there was an animated Hobbit movie, admit it!
Word Ladder: Races of Middle-earth
Name the three-letter words in this Lord of the Rings-themed word ladder.
Criteria Characters: Lord of the Rings II
If "Lord of Rings" was the big criteria you thought applied to all the characters, we have some bad news.
Illustrated 'The Lord of the Rings'
Now's your chance to illustrate your Middle-earth knowledge.
Poems of Middle-earth
Name the person, location or group based on (part) of a poem/song written about them/it.
Missing Word: The Two Towers Chapters
Name the missing word from the chapter titles of 'The Two Towers'.
Lord of the Rings Bunker
The Hobbit would be very different if Bilbo had an impenetrable bunker for a hobbit hole.
Lord of the Rings: Coroner's Report
Based on these fictional coroner's reports summarizing cause of death, can you identify the characters from the Lord of the Rings books?
Races of Middle-earth
The Formula 1 of Middle-earth.
Word Ladder: Bilbo's Residence
Can you provide the three-letter words in this ladder?
How'd Ya Die: Lord of the Rings
Can you identify the characters based on how they died?
16 Little Lord of the Rings Pictograms
The name of a character or place from The Lord of the Rings is depicted by the images in each pictogram. Can you decipher them all?
Fantasy Characters Multiple Choice III
Hopefully acing this quiz isn't just a fantasy for you.
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring In Order
Remember, if in doubt, always follow your nose!
Quick Pick: Places in the Shire
Pick the the places in J.R.R. Tolkien's Shire from the decoys elsewhere in Middle Earth.
Middle-earth Middle Management
These characters dread hearing that they "shall not pass" their performance reviews.
Get the Picture: Wizards
Can you select the correct wizard, sorcerer or magic user for each clue?
-lphabetized: LOTR
The epic journey of -rodo and -am and their quest to destroy the -ne -ing.
► Get the Picture: 'Lord of the Rings' Chapters I
Can you choose the LOTR book when one of its chapters is given?
Tolkien Character or Antidepressant?
Perhaps Gollum could've had a happier ending if he'd been prescribed some Clozapine.
Fantasy Characters Sorting Blitz
It's tough to survive in the fantasy world.
Roman Province or LOTR Character
One does not simply walk to Graecia.
Chapter Titles: 3 Authors
If Harry Potter & Bilbo ever find a doorway to Narnia, this quiz will become very confusing.
Middle Earth Tube Map
Can you find the 'stations' on this metro-style map of Middle Earth?
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