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Hero Logos
We sorta think the hardest thing about being a superhero would be having to sew a logo onto your tights.
Countries by Logo
These logos have gone international.
Find the Product Mascots
Just in case you need a last-minute Halloween costume idea.
Which Logo Is NHL? (Blitz)
When in doubt, click a hockey stick.
Click the Legend of Zelda Logos
Link sure goes on a lot of adventures.
Which Logo Is MLB? (Minefield)
This is sure to be a hit!
NFL Team Logos Minefield
Who's been putting mines out on the playing field? That seems unsafe.
Click the Hero Logos
Consider yourself a hero if you ace this quiz.
Find the Premier League Logo
Logos are designed to stand out, they shouldn't be hard to find.
Comically Obvious Brand Knock-offs
These knock-off brands are so close, but yet so very far away.
Logo Anagrams
These logos are confused. Help them.
Premier League Logos Close-Up
Some fans feel really close to their teams, this quiz asks how close is too close?
Sports Logos Close-Up II
This quiz gives you an idea of what it is like to be a rabid sports fan with really bad tunnel vision.
Sports Logos III
We'd have added the Harlem Globetrotters, but we're not so sure about their shenanigans.
'M' Logos
Thankfully, some of these logos have gotten a lot less creepy over the years.
'K' Logos
These 'K' companies went krazy with these kool logos.
'J' Logos
Don't be jealous of these jaunty and jazzy 'J' logos.
'G' Logos
Contrary to what Lil Wayne tries to tell you, not all Gs move in silence like lasagna.
'B' Logos
Anyone who makes these logos out of bacon is a marketing genius.
'A' Logos
These logos really brought their 'A' game.
Loco Logos
Sometimes it's hard to remember which logo is real and which one's been changed. Can you get these ones right?
NFL Logos: Britified
If the NFL really wants to have success in the UK, they should start with these.
50 States by NCAA Logos
If they all chose the same logo this quiz would be a heck of a lot easier.
Animal Logos
This is one of the beast quizzes we've ever seen.
Progressively Harder NFL Logos
Even the hardest are still pretty easy.
Red Logos
Every one of these companies is so well red.
Sports Logos Close-Up
If Sherlock Holmes was investigating a murder at a hockey arena, this is probably how he would see things.
Honest Logos
Sporcle doesn't necessarily endorse these 'honest' logos, but we do think they're pretty hilarious.
'D' Pictures by Category
If these pictures studied just a bit harder, maybe they'd get a better grade.
Fictional Logos
We have to wonder what their fictional benefits might be.
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