Miscellaneous Logo Quizzes

Primitive Logos
True fact: these were the only companies around during the stone age
100 Tiny Logos
Try not to smudge your screen with your nose.
MLS Teams by Logo
The MLS has come a long way since the hockey-style shootouts they had in the 1990s.
Logos Through the Ages: NASA
If the moon landing was fake, then are all these logos fakes too?
Slogan to Logo Match - Restaurant Chains
We're not sure what getting a good score says about your diet.
Click the Social Media Logo
Unlike Snapchats, the results of this quiz won't just disappear.
Unilever Logo
They really do specialize in everything
Find the Product Mascots
Just in case you need a last-minute Halloween costume idea.
One-Letter Logos A-Z II
We gotta give it to these marketing teams, they must have done something right if we can get these logos based on just one letter.
Slogan to Logo Match - Beverages
Tell me I'm not the only one getting thirsty here.
Pixelated NHL Logos
Somehow squinting your eyes can make the logo easier to see.
Sporcle in Many Fonts
The fonts are fabulous, and so is this quiz.
Logos Through The Ages: Microsoft Word
Even Microsoft Word went through the crazy college years.
'M' Logos
Thankfully, some of these logos have gotten a lot less creepy over the years.
Sports Logos Close-Up V
Consider yourself lucky. Most people can only see these logos this close by getting tackled by a professional athlete.
Logos with Globes
You might say these organizations are 'world'-ly.
Pixelated NBA Logos
If Minecraft started broadcasting the NBA, it might look like this.
Find the Premier League Logo
Logos are designed to stand out, they shouldn't be hard to find.
'E' Logos
Every 'E' logo you could ever expect.
College Logos A-Z
There are so many US colleges that even 'X' gets represented!
Logos Through the Ages: Burger King
Thankfully, these logos are a lot less creepy than The Burger King himself.
Logos with Birds
Well, this is one type of bird's-eye view.
Mixed Corporate Logos
These companies may be taking this 'sponsored partnership' thing a little too far.
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