Just For Fun Logic

Binary Logic Puzzle 6x6 (Easy)
Will you be a zero, or will you be the one?
Integer Logic Puzzle Regal Edition
For those up to the challenge...
Sporcle Logic Picture Click 4x4
I'm packing my bags to move to this neighborhood.
Couples Matching Logic Puzzle
It was logic at first sight.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers
For those of you who see artistic beauty in rows and columns.
Faulty Digital Clock Puzzle
This explains why I always oversleep.
Favorite Ninja Turtle Logic Puzzle
Heroes in a halfshell!
Word Search Logic Puzzle
Combining two puzzle types into one only seems logical.
Math Class Logic Puzzle
Back to school, back to logic puzzles!
Mini Memory Game
Leave the memories alone.
Sweet Sixteen Logic Puzzle
If you didn't get invited, don't worry. I heard a rumor that everyone just sat around and did logic puzzles.
Picture Click Logic Puzzle II: Rotated Grid
A rotated grid is less logical than a regular grid, but certainly more interesting.
Ratings Logic Puzzle
We're in this for the ratings.
Lying Politicians Logic Puzzle
Politicians lying? What is this madness?
Medium Nurikabe
Just wait until we get to the Jumbo Nurikabe puzzles.
Picture Click Logic Puzzle III: Circular Grid
Circular logic is the best kind of logic.
Number Gang Logic Puzzle
If the numbers gang up on us, we have no chance.
Minefield Puzzle IV
Think before you click!
Harry Potter Library Logic Puzzle
You can find any information you want in the Hogwarts library... You just might have to go to the Restricted Section.
'Boy or Girl?' Logic Puzzle
Would Sporcle be a better boy's name or a better girl's name?
A Wordy Logic Puzzle
Can you make a Spock-like logical choice?
Mystery Math Media #1: Sailing
A picture perfect math quiz.
Sporcle Minesweeper II
Frankly no one understands Minesweeper, they just click until they blow up.
Factor Attractor: Math Logic Puzzle
Will your math skills be a factor on this quiz? You bet!
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle
Enjoy some Nurikabe!
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