Logic Quizzes

Boy or Girl Logic Puzzle
Just know that Sporcle is an appropriate name for both boys and girls.
Hair Color Logic Puzzle
Orange hair is the only logical choice for the most avid Sporclers.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers III
All the fun of painting, but without the mess!
Code Cracker!
We wouldn't recommend taking a crowbar to your monitor, but whatever gets the job done...
School Test Logic Puzzle
This logic puzzle is going to school you.
Picture Click Logic Puzzle III: Circular Grid
Maybe circular logic isn't such a bad thing.
School Playground Logic Puzzle
No one likes to go back to school after the holidays, but this puzzle was designed by a seven year old!
Treasure Hunt! II
There's gold in them thar Sporcle quizzes.
Crossword Logic Puzzle
No need for a crossword solver here!
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle II
Hermoine can use the Time-Turner to save Buckbeak but not Sirius Black, so we are not sure logic plays a vital role in Harry Potter land.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers II
We would've done regular paint-by-numbers, but paint has just gotten so darn expensive.
Shape Venn Diagram II
Let's hope that 'the shape of things to come' doesn't have this much overlap.
That's Impossible!
The only thing that is truly impossible is not enjoying this quiz.
Word Search Logic Puzzle II
The first one was such a hit, it's only logical that you play the sequel.
Knight's Tour Logic Puzzle
As good a knight as any for a logic puzzle.
Treasure Hunt!
This isn't the kind of hunt where you knock on your neighbor's door, but don't let that stop you from doing so!
Shape Venn Diagram I
This quiz shapes up nicely.
Hamilton Logic Puzzle
Hamilton seems like a pretty logical musical to me.
Chemical Elements Logic Puzzle
This quiz is both excellent and extremely difficult. So, good luck!
Lying Politicians Logic Puzzle
Wait, wait, wait...politicians lie?!?
United States Logic Map
This quiz combines two of our favorite things, geography facts and logic.
SpongeBob Logic Puzzle
There's really nothing logical about a talking sponge that lives in a pineapple.
Binary Logic Puzzle 6x6 (Easy)
Will you be a zero, or will you be the one?
Integer Logic Puzzle Regal Edition
For those up to the challenge...
Sporcle Logic Picture Click 4x4
I'm packing my bags to move to this neighborhood.
Couples Matching Logic Puzzle
It was logic at first sight.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers
For those of you who see artistic beauty in rows and columns.
Faulty Digital Clock Puzzle
This explains why I always oversleep.
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