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Criteria Characters: Grey's Anatomy
Pick the Grey's Anatomy characters who fulfill ALL criteria, reducing as you go.
Titles: The (Adjective) (Noun)
For those who love books with three word titles, this is your quiz.
Crossword: Dynamic Duos
DC already has The Riddler and Puzzler... so when are they unveiling the new supervillain, Crossword Master?
Novel Marriages
When it comes to Russian novels, storybook endings are not as happy as you might think.
George R.R. Martin Or Just Made Up?
Lord Wobblecheeks? Seems legit.
Children's Book Character Blitz
Most people can blitz through the reading of children's books pretty quickly.
10-to-1 Literary Characters
These characters can't find their books! Help them get back where they belong.
Harry Potter Character Name Mix-Up II
How anyone can mix up these characters is beyond us.
3-D Literature II
No funny-looking glasses required.
Which Harry Potter Character?
Can we just be them all?
Marauder's Map Nicknames
We solemnly swear that we are up to no good.
The Hobbit: Top 30 Characters
These characters probably know a thing or two about second breakfast.
Batman's Bane or Potter's Bane?
Thankfully, this quiz will not be the bane of your existence.
Female Fiction Four
Sort out the works of these fabulous female authors.
Hunger Games Characters by Mentions
The most mentioned character in the Hunger Games? The answer might surprise you.
Profile: The Grinch
We wouldn't touch him with a 39 and a half foot pole.
Sunday Crossword: Four Houses
Four houses seems a little excessive.
Shakespeare Character by Tweet
We are starting to think that Will Shakespeare really would have taken to Twitter.
Which Character Belongs?
Some of these characters are a long way from home.
Young Adult Title Character Match
You should get bonus points for naming any young adult novel that doesn't take place in a dystopian future.
Pacman Ghost or House Elf?
Some house elves are so annoying we'd give them a sock just to make them leave.
A Feast for Crows: Most Mentioned Characters
Here's something to think about while you wait for 'Winds of Winter'.
Fantasy Characters Multiple Choice
The more characters in the quiz, the more character the quiz has.
Which Harry Potter Movie? (Snape)
We like how Harry Potter puns can slytherin to any conversation.
Novels with Young Protagonists
These books might make you feel young again.
Hangman - Character
No characters were harmed in the making of this quiz.
Initially Yours: Literature
These works are so famous you might know them just by their initials.
10-to-1 Literary Characters II
Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. Who's ready for a bit of the old ultra-Sporcle?
ASOIAF: Looking for Sansa (Logic Puzzle)
Can you help Brienne to find Sansa in this 'A Song of Ice and Fire''s logic puzzle?
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