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Quick Pick: Half-Bloods
Pick the Percy Jackson Half-bloods while avoiding the decoys.
5 in 15: The Hunger Games Characters
Alright but were the odds ever in their favor?
Literary Siblings Odd One Out II
Can you choose who isn't one of the siblings of these literary families?
Let's Play Quidditch
Luna is probably in the stands somewhere, rooting for you while wearing a lion hat.
Luna Lovegood, This Is Your Life
She's mortal enemies with Solar Hatebad. Trust us we've got insider knowledge.
Get the Picture: Fred or George
Can you choose whether each clue refers to a 'Fred' or a 'George'?
Shouldn't Have Done That, Hagrid!
Name the various people told things by Hagrid that probably should have stayed secret.
Anyone but Hermione Granger
Sometimes exclusion builds character. So get out, Hermione.
Exclusionary Literature
You are given four characters and one book. Can you pick the one that doesn't belong?
ASOIAF Unknown Fates
Can you name characters in a Song of Ice and Fire whose fates are unknown?
Get the Picture: Small Fantasy Characters
Pick the correct author for each fantasy character who is small.
Subcategory Grab Bag: Children's Books
At least they will be fast reads for you?
Harry Potter Word Ladder: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Can you get all rungs in this Tom Riddle Jr inspired Harry Potter themed 4-letter Word ladder?
'B' in Shakespeare
If we're bringing back that B meme it might as well be Shakespeare.
Which Harry Potter Movie? (Ron)
Oh how quickly they grow up.
Who's Hagrid Talking About?
He usually seems to be talking to one or more animals.
One-Syllable Harry Potter
Let's keep this wizard trivia concise.
Word Ladder: Quirky Ravenclaw
Name the four-letter words in this Harry Potter-themed word ladder.
Clueless Letter Lines: Harry Potter (DA)DA teachers
All words are Hogwarts teachers of (Defense against the) Dark Arts. Linked letters are the same.
5-Star Literary Animals II
We're leaving them all reviews on Yelp.
ASOIAF Great Houses by Family Tree
Just read the wiki, like a normal person.
Which of the Little Women?
Can you choose the March sister from 'Little Women'* for each description?
Missing Word: Alliterative Literature Subcategories
Name the words missing from these alliterative terms for each Literature subcategory.
Children's Book Character Blitz
Most people can blitz through the reading of children's books pretty quickly.
Harry Potter or Dr. Seuss?
Well, here's some nostalgia for you.
HP Characters (Yule Ball) by Funko Pop! Figures
Name the Harry Potter characters by Funko Pop! figures.
Draco Malfoy, This Is Your Life
Play this quiz, or our father is going to hear about this!
5-Star Literary Surnames
Pick the surnames of 5 literary characters from each novel.
Before & After Colorful Characters
Can you identify the fictional characters that share a common colorful name/title?
Anyone but Ron Weasley
That's a little harsh. Poor, Ron!
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