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Same Author: Different Book
If the same authors kept writing the same books, there would be some serious copyright infringement going on.
Literary Characters by Death
Every great run has to end sometime. Even for literary characters.
Harry Potter: Full Name, Same Letter
We think this is a clear indication that J.K. Rowling got bored of sifting through the alphabet.
For the (Literary) Birds
Apparently literature is for the birds.
Literary Murderer Match-up
This is George R.R. Martin's favorite quiz.
Weasley Children Youngest to Oldest
Plenty of hand-me-down dress robes to choose from.
Which Harry Potter Movie?
Hint: It's the one with magic.
Harry Potter Character or Supreme Court Justice?
Honestly, most of these seem like they could go either way.
'A' Literary Characters
'A' little bit of literature can go a long way.
Ginny Weasley, This Is Your Life
It's a life that involves a lot of brothers.
Literary Teddy Bears
It's elementary, actually. Elementary school kids are playing with our literary teddies.
9 Fictional American Characters
Paul Bunyan dressed like a hipster before it was cool.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Students Criteria
Pick the Harry Potter Hogwarts Students that Match all the Criteria.
'D' Literary Characters
These characters are downright dastardly.
Literary Sixes
If good things come in threes, we can only imagine what must come in sixes.
Best 'Of' Literature II
When it comes to books, these are the best of the best.
ASOIAF Top Characters A-Z
Entering all the Starks will get you started.
Missing Word: 'W' Books
Name the missing word from each of these literary works that begins with a W.
20 More Awkward Questions For Fictional Characters
Other than all of these uncomfortable questions, how was this quiz?
Double-Named Biblical Characters
Double the fun or double the confusion?
Harry, Hunger, or Twilight? II
This is great and all, but what about Divergent? Star Wars?
Space Ships by Crew
Just because it is the final frontier doesn't mean you can't ride in style.
Draco Malfoy, This Is Your Life
Play this quiz, or our father is going to hear about this!
In Plain English: Hamlet
To click or not to click...
Literary Best Friends
How do you and your BFF compare to these friends from books?
'B' Literary Characters
These characters like to be seen AND be heard. On the pages, of course.
Illustrated Literary Duos
This quiz seems like it's just drawing things out.
Literature Checkpoints
A checkpoint....a all moves the plot along.
Charles Dickens Characters
Whether it's real or not Luke Honeythunder might be the greatest name that ever existed.
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