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Get the Picture: Fellowship of the Ring or Thorin & Co?
Can you determine whether each character was a member of the Fellowship of the Ring (LotR) or a member of Thorin and Company (The Hobbit)?
Growing Grid: Shakespeare
Name the increasingly longer Shakespearean plays given each quote.
Quick Pick: Romans in the Hunger Games
Pick the figures from Ancient Rome that share a name with a major Hunger Games character, while avoiding those that do not.
Books by Face Mask
Name the books by the face masks that represent them.
The Hunger Games: First and Last Characters
Name the first ten characters and the last ten characters mentioned by name in each book of the 'The Hunger Games' series.
Foreshadowing in Literature
Pick the piece of literature by a line within that literature that foreshadows events within it.
'E' Fictional Character Blitz
Pick the fictional character from the picture.
Get The Picture: Samwise or Samwell
Can you choose whether each fact applies to Samwise Gamgee or Samwell Tarly?
Harry Potter Characters by Consecutive Consonants
Can you fill in the names of the characters from the Harry Potter books, given only the 3+ consecutive letters in their names?
Get The Picture: Rick Riordan Series
Can you choose the correct series written by Rick Riordan (Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase or Percy Jackson) for each clue?
5 in 15: Harry Potter Characters V
If you don't know anything about Harry Potter, you might need some magical assistance.
District? Hunger Games
Can you determine whether the Hunger Games character given is from the district (or Capitol) noted on the map, within the time limit? Type (Y) or (N).
Literature Review: Little Women
Can you choose the answer to each of these questions about Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'?
Get the Picture: Gray Fictional Characters
Can you choose the gray character that best answers each clue?
Ups & Downs: Harry Potter
Can you answer two sets of symmetrical, themed clues (one going up, the other going down), each beginning with the same set of letters?
Historical Novels by Historical Image
Match the novels to an image of the historical event or figure depicted.
Literal Hunger Games Characters
Name the characters from the Hunger Games series represented by these images.
Quick Pick: Tyrion Lannister Trial Witnesses
Can you quickly pick the Game of Thrones characters who testified in the court trial of Tyrion Lannister whilst avoiding the decoys?
Harry Potter Name Game II
Even in a world where people regularly use magic powers, we bet they still have problems keeping track of names.
Hidden Answers: Harry Potter
Can you find the missing names from these Harry Potter characters*? You can't see the answers, but they are in alphabetical order.
Literature Review: Lord of the Flies
Can you choose the answer to each of these questions about William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies'?
Book By 'A' Character
Name the correct book (or series) when given a character whose first name begins with the letter 'A'.
Book Covers Through The Kaleidoscope
Name the titles of these books that have been put through the kaleidoscope.
Frodo Baggins, This Is Your Life
Pick the events in the life of Frodo Baggins in the order they occured.
Word Ladder: The Boy with the Bread
Name the 4-letter words in this word ladder about a character in the Hunger Games.
If Elon Musk Named Harry Potter Characters
Name the Harry Potter characters from their Elon Musk-style name.
Get the Picture: Harry Potter Friend or Foe?
Can you choose whether these characters from the Harry Potter books were predominantly friendly or antagonistic toward Harry?
Missing Word: Percy Jackson Novels By Image
Can you fill in the missing words to these novels featuring the Percy Jackson universe (written by Rick Riordan) using the images below?
Harry Potter Easy to Hardest
Can you answer these progressively harder questions about Harry Potter?
Samwise Gamgee, This Is Your Life
Pick the events in the life of Sam Gamgee in the order they occured.
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