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Name One Novel
The title makes this seem a little easier than it actually is.
The Game of Thrones 'Periodic Table'
The North remembers, but do you?
ASOIAF Characters A-Z
Being able to name all the Stark kids will get you far in this quiz.
20th Century Literature Characters Match-up
These characters are so great, they make characters in the 19th century feel bad about themselves.
Literary Character by Quotation
'Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering.'
The Struggle Is Real - Literary Characters
Life is hard for a character.
Literary Words by Definition
Words!? Books are all about words!
Harry Potter Character Name Mix-Up
Siriusly, we need to stop making Harry Potter puns.
Minerva McGonagall, This Is Your Life
"We teachers are rather good at magic, you know.”
Harry Potter First Names (A-Z) by Image
It seems like Snape could twist any situation to make it Harry's fault.
Novel by Protagonist II
Once again, no one pays attention to the poor antagonist.
Fictional Characters by Description II
The whole book is basically a 'description' of these characters.
Rubeus Hagrid, This Is Your Life
We're trying to put his biography together here.
Children's Literary Characters Match-Up
If only they had outfits to match.
Literary Siblings
With literary siblings you can be sure there was a fair amount of bickering involved.
Author - Book - Character Match
Better hope those character names stuck with you through the years (or they made a movie of the book.)
Lord of the Rings: Son of Who?
I wish that more people would talk this way.
...But Is It Shakespeare?
Some people aren't even sure if Shakespeare is really Shakespeare.
Fictional Characters by Description III
These characters are used to full books, not measly quiz descriptions!
Click the Harry Potter Characters by Initial
You might think this is hard initially but then you'll get the hang of it.
Harry Potter Characters by First Names
Wizards have a long history of giving their children awesome first names.
Knights of the Round Table
We're Knights of the Round Table. We dance when ere we're able. We do routines and chorus scenes, with footwork impeccable.
Author-Character Mix
Some of these names have a nice ring to them.
Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
9 Fictional British Characters II
You can tell by what goes in the cup first. Milk or tea.
Finish That Insult: Literature
Dang, literature characters can be so harsh.
3-D Literature
Dostoevsky has to be the Kyrgyzstan of literature.
Literature by Female Character
Behind every good book cover, there is an amazing literary lady.
Who Stole That Book Off the Shelf?
It's time to put your observational skills to the test.
Literary Foursomes
Just like the Fantastic Four, but more familiar with the Dewey decimal system.
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