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Female Characters Sorting Gallery
You're probably going to want to leave the ladies from Game of Thrones until the end. Just trust us on this one.
Match 'Em Up Blitz - A Song of Ice and Fire
Direwolves and swords and bastards, oh my!
Weasley Children Youngest to Oldest
Plenty of hand-me-down dress robes to choose from.
Harry Potter Family Relationship Click
If you're not a fan of Harry Potter then there is something Siriusly Ron with you.
Names in Novel Titles Match
If your name makes into the title of a novel, it probably means you've had a lot going on in your life.
Click the Harry Potter Characters by Initial
You might think this is hard initially but then you'll get the hang of it.
Game of Thrones: Slot Machine
Hush Hodor! No more Hodoring!
Science... By 14 Other Categories!
It's a non-scientific science quiz.
Criteria Characters: Grey's Anatomy
Pick the Grey's Anatomy characters who fulfill ALL criteria, reducing as you go.
ASOIAF: Logic Maze (Picture Click)
Can you help Cersei to find Myrcella in this clickable logic maze (See Game Note)?
Criteria Characters: Lord of the Rings
There are some unexpected things on this journey... they're called mines.
Voldemort Start to Finish
Pick the events in the life of Voldemort (Tom Riddle) in the order in which they happened.
Harry Potter Book/Film Differences
Can you pick what things from the books were changed when turned into films****?
Harry Potter Mini-Minefields II
Even Harry Potter himself could only get 40% on this quiz.
Profile: Hermione Granger
'Next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!' -Hermione
Harry Potter Maze: Order of the Phoenix
A few weeks ago, Voldemort returned during the TriWizard Tournament. Can you gather together members of the Order of the Phoenix to inform them of plans of action? (see game note)
Harry Potter First Names (A-Z) by Image
It seems like Snape could twist any situation to make it Harry's fault.
ASOIAF Characters by House
These family reunions must be super tense.
Literary Characters (A-Z)
These characters reflect the alphabetical variety of the literary world.
Harry Potter Patronus Party
How do you even spot an imposter patronus?
Counting Literature Characters
Here's a hint: the Grinch wasn't a part of the 'Twilight' love triangle.
Fictional Characters of the World
Can you find the countries of origin for each of these fictional characters?
Harry Potter Characters by First Names
Can you find these characters from the Harry Potter movies when provided only with their first names?
Who's Talking to Arya?
Remember: Direwolves can't talk, so they won't be in this quiz.
Harry Potter First Names (A-Z)
We expect you're on a first-name basis with these characters.
ASOIAF Profile: Sansa Stark
This quiz won't make much Sansa if you're not familiar with Game of Thrones.
Harry of Potter
This quiz should earn you the Order of Merlin, First Class.
Harry Potter Character or US President?
Wait, when was Alec Baldwin a president?
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