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Young Adult Author or Young Adult Protagonist?
Can you choose whether each name given is that of an [A]uthor or a [P]rotagonist of young adult fiction?
Word Ladder: Men of Few Words
Can you type the 5-letter words in this word ladder about two fictional characters with limited vocabulary?
Harry Potter Character A-Z... With a Twist
Can you name a Harry Potter character for each letter of the alphabet, without naming any from the top 30 most mentioned characters? (See how to play)
Make This Word A Shakespeare Character
Can you replace the letters in bold with the right letter string and create the name of a character from Shakespeare plays?
Missing Image: Harry Potter Characters
Can you select the correct image that completes each of these Harry Potter character names?
Author by Character
We're pretty sure Huckleberry Finn wasn't in Middle-earth at any point, but that's the only hint we're giving you.
Minerva McGonagall, This Is Your Life
"We teachers are rather good at magic, you know.”
Harry Potter Deaths Timeline
Pick the correct part of the timeline for each Harry Potter character based on when they died chronologically.
Get the Picture: Dickens Characters
Can you identify whether each fact applies to the Artful Dodger, Dora Spenlow, Miss Havisham, or Ebenezer Scrooge?
Quick Pick: Real Tolkien Characters
Pick the real Tolkien characters and avoid the decoys.
H.G. Wells Sci-Fi Character Match
Match the characters to the H.G. Wells Sci-Fi novel they featured in*.
Literary Character or Place Name?
Can you choose whether each one-word name from literary works is of a Character or a Place?
Shakespeare Play by Movie Still
Pick the right Shakespeare Play by the Movie Still.
Public Domain Characters
Name these characters that are in the public domain.
Harry Potter and the Multitude of Traitors
Name the many wizards and witches that leave our Hogwartian heroes in the lurch.
Find the Picture Book Characters FAST!
Can you find the 9 picture book characters in just 15 seconds when given their names?
Literature Subcategories Historically Speaking
Name the questions about each Literature subcategory from a historical perspective.
Subcategory Acrostic 60
Can you solve each of these clues? The first letter of the answer gives you the subcategory, while the blue letters give you a bonus word!
Literature Missing Word Bunker
Can you fill in the blanks correctly to get to Sector 15 of the Bunker? Answer using the letter options provided in the question.
Get the Picture: Ginny or Prim
Can you pick whether the clue refers to Ginny Weasley or Primrose Everdeen?
Let's Draw the Harry Potter Logo
Can you answer the questions about all seven Harry Potter books to draw the logo?
Stephen King's Novels by Movie Still
Pick the right Stephen King's Novels and Novellas by a Movie Still.
Camp-Half Blood Campers by Cabin
Can you name a camper from each Camp Half-Blood cabin, from the series 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
'B' Movie Last Names
Can you match each film character whose last name begins with 'B' with their first names?
10 to 1: Literary Villains
Can you select the villains that belong to each literary series or group of works by the same author?
10 in a Minute: Harry Potter
Can you give the last name of these Harry Potter characters in just one minute?
Five Word Ladders: Books
Name the four letter words in each of these book-themed word ladders?*.
20 Awkward Questions For Fictional Characters III
Pick the character that would be asked each question, based on the question.
Harry Potter: Accio Trivia!
Can you fill the answers to this Harry Potter grid?
Inhuman Literature
Is this like what happens when you set a bunch of monkeys in front of typewriters?
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