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Harry Potter Top 200
For someone who often goes by 'He Who Must Not Be Named' he is sure mentioned a lot in the books.
First Name Basis: Literature
Do books even have a surname?
'B' Fictional Character Blitz
Pick the fictional character from the picture.
Neville Longbottom, This Is Your Life
“I'm worth twelve of you, Malfoy.”
Sunday Crossword: Four Houses
Four houses seems a little excessive.
Get the Picture: Shakespeare's Tragedies
Can you choose which one of Shakespeare's traditional 'Four Great Tragedies' answers each question?
Harry Potter Start to Finish
Make sure to finish this before heading out to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!
Lord of the Flies Typing Challenge
Can you type these progressively tougher words and phrases related to William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies?
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
Brit Lit Bunker
And you thought reading was just a fun pastime.
'J' Fictional Character Blitz III
Pick the fictional character from the picture.
Criteria Characters: Lord of the Rings
There are some unexpected things on this journey... they're called mines.
Criteria Characters: Harry Potter II
The hard part is figuring out if it's secretly Tonks in disguise.
7 to 1: Shakespeare Characters
Can you sort the Shakespeare Characters into the plays they are a part of?
Lord of the Rings Top 50
Lesson learned: If you are forced to carry the ring around, they will talk about you non-stop!
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: Harry Potter
Seven may be the most magical number, but this quiz gets its magic from three.
Harry Potter Venn Diagram III
We tried casting "Venn diagramus" and nothing came of it except weird looks from our neighbors.
Voldemort, This Is Your Life
Not many people have 'disembodied spirit hiding in Albania' as part of their life history.
Harry Potter Characters by Image
It's a good thing He-who-must-not-be-named can still be typed.
Sunday Crossword: Six-Letter Harry Potter
Complete this themed Crossword puzzle.
Luna Lovegood, This Is Your Life
She's mortal enemies with Solar Hatebad. Trust us we've got insider knowledge.
Lord of the Rings A-Z
One alphabet to rule them all.
Criteria Sorting Gallery: Harry Potter
You get to play the role of the sorting hat today. Have fun holding all the cards.
Hermione Granger, This Is Your Life
It's a life spent largely in the library.
Quick Pick: Harry Potter Characters, Good or Evil?
Can you choose whether the following Harry Potter characters were part of the Order of the Phoenix or of the Death Eaters?
'C' Fictional Character Blitz
Pick the fictional character from the picture.
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: Literary Characters
Publishing quizzes is totally in character for us.
Ron Weasley, This Is Your Life
Let's all remind him that he's still not the chosen one.
Severus Snape, This Is Your Life
He never outgrew that goth kid aesthetic.
Sporcle Jumble: The Hunger Games
Can you unscramble these themed words and then unscramble their bonus letters to find the final word?
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