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Female Literary Characters 7-to-1
Can you match each literary character to the author who created her?
Harry Potter Top 200
For someone who often goes by 'He Who Must Not Be Named' he is sure mentioned a lot in the books.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle Hogwarts Invasion
Name the Harry Potter Logic Puzzle of Hogwarts Invasion.
100 Authors by Their Characters
It probably took quite a while to (ahem) author this quiz.
Bullseye Blitz: Harry Potter!
Can you fill in all 12 bullseyes before time runs out? Answers on interior rings will also fill in the outer rings.
Game of Thrones Characters 7-to-1
Can you match each character from Game of Thrones to the House in which they belong? (See game note)
Harry Potter Character Name Mix-Up III
Can you correctly match the mixed-up Harry Potter characters' names (See How to Play)?
Multiple Choice Minefield Blitz
Thinking is probably not a wise decision.
Finish That Insult: Literature
Dang, literature characters can be so harsh.
Literature Speed-Picking
Speed readers, unite!
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
ASOIAF Lannister Family Tree
Can you put the name of these 'A Song of Ice and Fire''s characters on this family tree (See 'how to play')?
ASOIAF Targaryen-Baratheon Family Tree
Can you put the name of these 'A Song of Ice and Fire''s characters on this family tree (See 'how to play')?
Young Adult Bunker
Characters in YA novels all had a way more interesting high school life than we did.
Vice President or Dickens Character?
US politics and UK literature together in the same quiz! Now there's a combination you don't see everyday.
Literary Sixes
If good things come in threes, we can only imagine what must come in sixes.
Author or Fictional Person?
With names like these, we'd just have to assume they're all fictional.
Same Novel Trios
We didn't include the Three Musketeers for personal reasons.
Illustrated Literary Duos
This quiz seems like it's just drawing things out.
Harry of Potter
This quiz should earn you the Order of Merlin, First Class.
First 20 Mentions: Game of Thrones
Name the first twenty characters mentioned by name in a Game of Thrones.
Name One Novel
The title makes this seem a little easier than it actually is.
Voldemort's Death Eaters
Maybe it was the name that turned them evil? Death Eaters really has a negative connotation.
A Feast for Crows: Most Mentioned Characters
Here's something to think about while you wait for 'Winds of Winter'.
The Seven Potters
We're just glad polyjuice potion is a fictional thing.
Science... By Other 14 Categories!
It's a non-scientific science quiz.
Literary Characters Fill-in-the-Blank
No Potters or Cullens were used in the making of this quiz.
Game of Thrones Periodic Table
Name these 118 characters from the Game of Thrones TV series on this periodic table.
David Copperfield Characters
Pick the characters from Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield by the description.
Quick Pick: Real Iliad Characters
Pick the characters who appeared in the Iliad while avoiding the decoys.
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