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Africa by Any 2 Letters Blitz
No need to spend time typing out full names in this quiz.
Presidential Match: Swapped First Letter
Most people don't know about the real first POTUS - Weorge Gashington
Alphabetical Cities (Europe)
We decided to go easy on you and not make you guess the 'X' city...don't say we don't do anything nice for ya!
Cities by Clue (B)
Name the cities beginning with the letter 'B'.
Asia by Any 2 Letters Blitz
You'll need to type on the double to get through this in time.
USA States by Any 2 Letters Blitz
It won't be long before you start panicking and typing in random pairs of letters.
Most Guessed African Countries per Letter Minefield
Time to see what the Sporcle hive mind really knows.
Who's Hiding in These Words?
Come on out, little guy. These words won't bite.
A-Z Images Ending in 'O'
Guacamole is extra.
Letters Minefield: Monopoly (US)
Monopoly has never been so explosive!
Word Hourglass
Like words through the hourglass, these are the days of our Sporcle.
5-Letter Geography Alphabet Blitz
If there's one thing we know about the planet earth, it's that it spins fast. Yup, that's it.
Country by Internet Domain Code (._e)
Name the countries with the following top-level Internet domain codes.
'A' in Science
A is for... Argon?
Europe by Any 2 Letters Blitz
We'll save you some time: 'XZ' is not one of them.
Quick Pick: 'D' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
Africa by Second and Third Letters Blitz
Name the countries of Africa by the second and third letters in their names.
Quick Pick: 'C' Countries
Can you quickly pick the 'C' country given its capital?
3 Letter Body Parts
OK, this is an old one, but a good one. You may argue that 'abs' and 'lap' belong on this list, but they don't, do not ask me why, just trust me. They don't. Also, keep it clean here folks!
Alpha-Numeric Box Blitz
All you need to know is the alphabet and how to count...shouldn't be too hard, right?
Double Letter Logos
Double the letters, double the fun.
'C' in Science
This quiz title sounds like it belongs on a high school report card.
'B' in Science
Sadly, our science grades were never this high.
US States by Five Letters
Sorry Iowa, Ohio, and Utah. You must be 5 letters tall to ride.
States per Letter
Got a minute?
Food Bunker
Never has a bunker made you so hungry.
'F'-less Typing Challenge
Abandon home row, all ye who enter here.
13 Ways Not to Add 'Spices'
Name the Scrabble-accepted words (US) that can be made by changing any single letter in the word 'SPICES'.
Click the 'A'-Less US States Minefield
If only this was asking about Q-Less states...
Cities by Clue (A)
These cities are #1...alphabetically.
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