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Gimme Three: Legend of Zelda
It's dangerous to go alone, play this!
Let's Play Through: Majora's Mask
You have 72 hours to complete this quiz. Go.
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Masks
Link probably has enough masks to go to quite a few costume balls now. Lucky guy!
Corner to Corner Nintendo Trivia
Name the answers to the Nintendo trivia questions and reach the bottom-right corner.
Word Ladder: Legend of Zelda Games
Name the words to this 4-letter word ladder containing numerous Legend of Zelda titles.
Wooden Characters (images)
Name the Wooden Characters (images).
Ocarina of Time Grab Bag
You might want to stuff an extra potion in the grab bag while you're playing.
Symbols in the Legend of Zelda Series
The Legend of Zelda: making triangles significant again since 1986.
Word Ladder: Zelda
Name the 4-letter words that match the clues.
Video Games by Cameo
But wait, If you're here...then that means...oh boy...
Legend of Zelda: All NES Treasures
Link was kind of a hoarder, wasn't he?
Zelda Music Medley
There has to be money in an Ocarina Hero game.
Zelda Game by Plot
It just goes to show you that anyone named Link is sure to have a life filled with adventure.
Ocarina of Time Characters/Races
It's just hard not to love that little Pointy-Eared Hero.
Zelda Alphabet
For those that spent their childhoods in the land of Hyrule.
Zelda Dungeon Items
Most of my childhood was spent in dungeons, that might explain a few things.
Zelda Games
The fantasy cousin to Nintendo's Mario, the Zelda franchise boasts 20 original games spanning all the Nintendo consoles.
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