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Are You Smarter Than a Language Curator?
Can you answer the questions from the Language Curators in their respective subcategories?
Somewhere in the Middle (Language)
Statistically speaking, most things don't sit on edges.
Elements Quick Match (Latin)
This would be a good place for a joke about elements, but all the funny ones Argon.
Fruit, Scientifically Speaking
When given the scientific name of a fruit, can you pick out the named fruit?
Animals in Latin
There's a pig latin joke in here somewhere, but we're far too sloppy to find it.
Greek or Latin?
It's all Greek or Latin to us.
One Letter Words in Foreign Languages
Well... At like some basic level you max out at 26 of them with the English alphabet.
Vocabulary Blitz LI
And you thought we'd be testing English vocabulary?
Ultimate Minefield Blitz II
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Dead Language Multiple Choice
Has a dead language ever been revived?
Irregular Plurals
Who are you callin' irregular, punk?
Hangul Jamo (Korean Letters)
Name the Korean-English Transliteration.
The Cursive Alphabet
As far as we know, cursive is no longer taught in most schools, but no one says we can't have a quiz about it on Sporcle.
Capitals in Latin: Europe
You don't have to know Latin to capitalize on this quiz.
Hawaiian Alphabet 'Minefield'
Name the letters in the Hawaiian alphabet without naming any others.
Eight Language Colors Blitz
No, this doesn't make you multilingual. But maybe you could pretend, we're not sure.
Roman-Numeral Words
We've run the numbers, there's no math involved. We promise.
Quick Pick: 'D' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
Quick Pick: 'C' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
Quick Pick: 'A' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
Purple-Themed Trivia
Sweet purple star confetti, eh?
Monday Match
Match the Mondays.
Ancient Rome Sorting Gallery
There were so many marbleous statues in ancient Rome. Too bad they all took them for granite.
Language Speed-Picking
For all those fast-talkers out there, this quiz should be a cinch.
Professions by Latin Name
Veni, vidi, vici Sporcle.
More Broadway Musical Titles in Latin
Now if only we could get more musicals with songs sung in Latin.
Broadway Musical Titles in Latin
Let's see how lively Broadway can make a dead language.
Which Romance Language?
Do you speak the language of love?
Words of Many Words
If you use the word words too many times it starts to words a little words. Words.
You DO Know Latin
Apparently we can all understand latin. Who knew?
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