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Groups with Members Added After Debut
As if I didn't have enough trouble memorizing who was already in the group in the first place!
Kpop Maknae by Girl Group IV
Pick the right maknae when given the group name.
Picture Find: Kpop Girl Group
Where's your bias hiding?
K-POP Maths Game 1 : Normal Calculations
Kpop + and the order of operations = ?
Word Ladder: TWICE Songs
Name the four-letter words in this TWICE song-themed word ladder.
Kpop Song by the last 5 seconds (2019) (audio)
I hope you've all been paying attention to this year's hits all the way to the very end!
Name the Kpop Fandom
There are so many new fandoms now that even I'm behind!
Word Ladder: NCT Songs
Name the four-letter words in this NCT song-themed word ladder.
Kpop Venn Diagram (Girl Groups)
There's never a bad time for a good Venn Diagram. Just because it's summer doesn't mean there's no math to be done!
K-pop MVs rated 19+
Viewer discretion is advised for these MVs!
Pick the K-Pop Generation
What generation is your bias group?
Fastest Kpop Groups to win a Daesang (Januari 2019)
If only I was talented enough to win awards this fast!
Finish the Kpop Song Title
Unfortunately, there is no Phone-a-Teenager lifeline.
Word Ladder: BLACKPINK Songs
Name the four-letter words in this BLACKPINK song-themed word ladder.
K-Pop Crossword
Can you fill the K-Pop crossword?
Lost in Translation - Kpop Edition
This is the real reason why Google Translate exists.
Summer playlist
It's that time of the year again! I hope your days are all starting to look warmer.
Most and least popular Kpop Girl Group member (2019)
No matter where your bias falls on the polls, she deserves all the love in the world!
Kpop Song by Dance Practice
The day it became common for companies to release dance practices was a blessed day for us all.
K-pop Vs. Marvel
We're still waiting for that BTS/Avengers crossover film.
New Deal Agency or Kpop Band?
Can you pick whether the given acronym is that of a Kpop Band Name (Type K) or an Agency (Type A) from the Great Depression era New Deal?
Guess the song by its last 5 seconds
These songs are good up until the very end.
Match the Celebrities names
Match the celebrities first and last names.
2018 Kpop MV Thumbnail
2018 was a fun year for kpop MVs! See if you can recognize them by their thumbnails alone.
Top 10 Most Viewed Debut K-Pop MVs in 24 Hours
These songs were quick hits for a reason!
K-Pop Group Visuals
I wish my job title were just "the most good-looking one here," but alas, that was not meant to be. Name these kpop group visuals!
-lphabetized: K-Pop Groups
For each question below, can you name which K-Pop groups missing its first letter comes in the indicated alphabetical rank listed? (Please see 'How to Play' for instructions)
Pick the Songs by Video Scene: Timeless K-pop
Some MVs truly are timeless.
My Favorite Kpop SOLO Title Tracks (AUDIO)
Let's give soloists some love, too!
Kpop songs with latin vibes
We love our multicultural icons.
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