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Name the Victims (v), those who are safe (s), and the killer (k)? Wrong answer will end the game.
Can you name everything correct?
Kpop Alphabet
Can you guess the (non-disbanded) group that starts with each letter?
Kpop Groups: Boys or Girls?
Once you kpop, you can't k-stop.
Quick Pick : BTS' Songs Only
Can you pick BTS' Songs Only?
Quick Pick: BTS Lips
Precious smiles of BTS
Match the kpop group to their debut song! (boy groups)
Match the kpop boy group to their debut song? .
Kpop Songs November 2017 (Clickable)
Kpop Songs November 2017 (Clickable)
Name these kpop group members
Can you name members of my favorite kpop groups?
Can you guess the kpop Idol from their name in Hangul?+Group names in Hangul too
Match Groups with their titletracks !
Match the groups with my favorite title tracks !.
guess blackpink songs based on the english lyrics
Can you pick blackpink songs based on the english lyrics?
Spot the Differences BTS version V
Pick the differences.
pick the Right idol (Boy group)
Can you choose the Right idol?
Kpop Quiz
Name the Kpop Logic Quiz.
Spot the Differences BTS version IV
Pick the differences.
Kpop Groups by Picture
If you haven't heard of Kpop, you don't know what you're missing.
Wanna One
Start with a GO
Kpop zombie apocalypse mystery (logic puzzle)
Can you figure out which groups made it alive [A], which groups were victims [V] and which groups became zombies [Z]? (read 'How to Play' for more details)
BTS members
Name the BTS members in 30 seconds.
Pick Got7 member (HANGUL)
Pick the Got7 member (HANGUL).
pick the Right idol (Girl group)
Can you choose the pick the Right idol (Girl group)?
Quick Pick: BTS members
KPOP Idols in K-Dramas
If you are k-dramas lover it gonna be easy for you :D
Senior kpop fan challenge
R u a senior kpop fan?
Name The Missing Words : KPOP Songs #2
Name the Missing Words : KPOP Songs #2.
EXO Discography (KPop)
We've spent too many years thinking Kpop was an off-brand of microwave popcorn. That ends today.
Guess Kpop LOGO (Boy Group)
Name the Kpop Group LOGO.
Favorite Debuts Songs
Can you name my favorite debuts ? (+ audio in how to play)
Anything But BTS Songs
Can you pick ANYTHING* that ISN'T a BTS song without making a mistake?
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