Kpop Quizzes

Match kpop song's title to it's korean title
Hope your Hangul is on point!
SMTOWN Murder Mystery Logic Quiz!
Everyone needs a little dash of classic kpop humor with their logic quizzes.
Kpop Group Logic Quiz
A little brainteaser for the holidays!
Kpop Song or Children's Book?
In some places it's called Kpop in other places it is is Ksoda
IOI - Original Companies
It's almost our last month with IOI. But remember where they were when they all began?
KPOP name relay (hard ver.)
Do you know who's next?
Guess The KPOP M/V [2016]
We've had a great year for kpop so far. Guess the MVs that have come out this year!
Kpop and American Pop Similar Song Name
Well, there are only so many words.
Former K-Pop Group Member By Picture
So many idols have left groups. Can you still name them, even if they're no longer with their old crew?
Kpop Acronyms
Believe it or not, these are all real. Yes, even Teen Top.
EXO Discography (KPop)
We've spent too many years thinking Kpop was an off-brand of microwave popcorn. That ends today.
4 Second Kpop Songs III
How is four seconds both longer and shorter than it seems?
Guess The Kpop Story MV
Everyone loves a good storyline!
Iconic Kpop Choreographies
These are some of the benchmarks of kpop dance!
Guess the Kpop Logos
Just because we see them all the time on albums or in MVs doesn't mean we always remember what they look like!
'You' Kpop Songs (clickable)
A kpop quiz for all to play
K-Pop Picture Click
Just the ladies!
Name the Male Visual Idol
Group visuals are one of kpop's most time-honored traditions. Can you name the faces of these groups?
Kpop Instagram Usernames (hard)
Some of these are pretty non-intuitive!
Guess The K-Pop Song: SM Edition
How to tell if a title track is from SM: it has an English title that's repeated over and over again in the chorus.
Guess The B1A4 MV
B1A4 MVs are famous for being fun, creative, and colorful -- can you guess which MV goes to which gif?
4 Second Kpop Songs II (female)
You've got four seconds to name the girl group song -- can you do it? Gotta know both your classics and your current hits!
Pre-Debut K-Idols (Male)
Crazy to see what they looked like before they were idols! Can you tell who's who?
Kpop MVs by Body Part
It's not just the eyes, nose, lips you have to pay attention to!
Guess these 100 non-title kpop songs
Just because they're B tracks doesn't mean they're not A+ songs!
Kpop zombie apocalypse mystery (logic puzzle)
Does your bias group survive?
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