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K-pop Groups by Picture
If you haven't heard of Kpop, you don't know what you're missing.
SMTOWN Murder Mystery Logic Quiz!
Can you find the SMTOWN killer? (Includes SM Idol Trivia)
Name the Victims (v), those who are safe (s), and the killer (k)? Wrong answer will end the game.
K-pop Groups: Boys or Girls?
Once you kpop, you can't k-stop.
Members of BTS by Picture
Only a true Kpop fan will be able to get all their names right.
EXO Trivia Quiz :D
Pick the EXO Trivia Quiz :D.
300 Idols from Kpop Groups (May 2016)
Name the idols from kpop groups.
Kpop Quiz: Stage name or Real name?
Can you correctly guess if an idol's stage name is their given one or not?
How well do you know BTS?
How well do you know BTS??
Kpop zombie apocalypse mystery (logic puzzle)
Can you figure out which groups made it alive [A], which groups were victims [V] and which groups became zombies [Z]? (read 'How to Play' for more details)
Name as many KPop Artists as you can!
Name the KPop Stars based on their group.
Kpop Criteria Quiz
Pick the kpop group that fulfills ALL the criteria listed.
2 K-pop Songs, 1 Missing Word
Some of these groups have so many members that it's hard to tell if anyone's missing.
BTS Nicknames pt.1
Can you guess them ? Test your Bangtan knowledge!
Can You Name The Leader of Kpop Groups?
Pick the Leader of Kpop Groups.
Matching Kpop Fan Club Names
Match the KPop fan club names.
Kpop Logic Quiz
Can you find the Safe (S) groups, the Victims (V) and the Guilty (G) group???
NCT age in order
NCT age in order
A-Z Kpop Quiz
Name the answer of Kpop Quiz from A-Z.
BTS,EXO,GOT7 Find The Killer
Find out who is the killer (K), survivor (S), and victim (V)
Real vs. Fake K-pop Group Names
Some kpop groups like to dress in wallpaper.
Kpop idol quiz
Pick the correct fact for the correct idol.
Unscramble the Kpop Groups
Name the scrambled Kpop Groups.
K-Pop Murder Mystery Logic Quiz
It's a murder mystery logic quiz with kpop idols.
Click the NCT Members
We're not entirely sure if listening to the music while taking the quiz should be considered cheating.
BTS members
Name the BTS members in 30 seconds.
EXO Discography (K-pop)
We've spent too many years thinking Kpop was an off-brand of microwave popcorn. That ends today.
300 Kpop Idols (Aug 2020 Update)
Can you name kpop idols?
Name All 23 NCT Members (SPEED QUIZ)
Can you name all 23 NCT members in under 1 minute?
K-pop Song Title Match-Up
"Magic Potato" should be a hit song, but alas... not yet.
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