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Justice League or Avengers?
When are they going to get a Justice League movie together? We hope Val Kilmer is cast as an overweight Batman.
Follow That Line: Justice League
Pick the quotes that follow line in that movie 'Justice League'.
The Miranda Warning
Fans of Law & Order might do better on this than others.
US Politicians Sorting Blitz
Politics is a dirty business, but somebody has to sort it out.
US Supreme Court Justices
Tough quiz? - you be the judge...oh I kill me.
JLA Originals
It is a little known fact that as founding members these superheroes were given enormous stock grants as well as eligibility for bonuses based on performance.
Speech! Speech! Speech!
These words have stood the test of time.
US Supreme Court
SCOTUS doesn't feel like the most flattering acronym.
50 Most Published Justice League Members
Name the 50 Most Published Justice League Members.
Through the Kaleidoscope: Superhero Logos
Can you name superhero logos shown through a kaleidoscope?
dc picture find justice league
Name the dc picture find justice league.
Chief Justices (US)
These are the guys in charge of looking like people are in charge.
Sporcle-Man and Bonus Boy
A special comic for this end-of-October holiday.
Supreme Court Justice or New York Yankee?
We think SCOTUS would look pretty good in pinstripes.
Word Ladder: Legal Jargon
Name the word in this legal word ladder.
The Justice League Quiz
Can you answer questions about the Justice League?
Harry Potter Character or Supreme Court Justice?
Can you tell your Harry Potter characters (H) from your Supreme Court Justices (S), or will you fight the law and see the law win?
First Names of US Supreme Court Justices
We think someone come up with some cool nicknames for US Supreme Court justices. It'd spice the court up a bit.
Books About Racism: Fill in the Title
'You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.'
Justice League
Name the Justice League.
Courtroom Sketches
Some of these people are pretty sketchy.
The 3rd thing you need to know: Crimes
Pick the crimes, felonies and misdemeanors by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.
Who Said It- Young Justice
Pick the Who Said It- Young Justice.
President, Justice or Speaker of the House (slideshow)
Name the position of each official, (P)resident, (J)ustice or or (S)peaker of the House.
DC Comics: Most Published: Justice Society
Name The Most Published Members Of The Justice Society Of America.
50 Largest Police Departments in the USA in 2011
Name the 50 Largest Police Departments in the USA.
Saints/Sinners - Before and After Pairs
Name the Saint (First Name - First Set of Columns) and the Sinner (Last Name - Second Set of Columns) that form a Before and After Pair.
Justice League (2017) Characters (slideshow)
Name the the Justice League movie characters by their images in the slideshow.
What is Batman doing?Part III-Holiday (Ordinary Batman)
Can you answer the following questions about Ordinary Batman? (pictures courtesy of Sarah Johnson - please check game note for more information)
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