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Justice League or Avengers?
When are they going to get a Justice League movie together? We hope Val Kilmer is cast as an overweight Batman.
Pick the judge, past or present, for each of the listed 'jurisdictions'? (Note: for movies and scripted TV shows, it's the actor, not the character).
Harry Potter Character or Supreme Court Justice?
Honestly, most of these seem like they could go either way.
The Miranda Warning
Fans of Law & Order might do better on this than others.
10 to 1: Miscellaneous in 2017
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Through the Kaleidoscope: Superhero Logos
Can you name superhero logos shown through a kaleidoscope?
Books About Racism: Fill in the Title
'You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.'
dc picture find justice league
Name the dc picture find justice league.
50 Most Published Justice League Members
Name the 50 Most Published Justice League Members.
JLA Originals
It is a little known fact that as founding members these superheroes were given enormous stock grants as well as eligibility for bonuses based on performance.
Do You Know Your Miranda Rights?
Name the Do You Know Your Miranda Rights.
The Civil Rights Era Match-Up
Sometimes, you really do need to fight your rights.
In the Constitution, or Not
Can you pick which of the following are EXPRESSLY addressed in the US Constitution, as amended?
US Politicians Sorting Blitz
Politics is a dirty business, but somebody has to sort it out.
Justice League Cast
Name the members of the Justice League by their actors/actresses.
Word Ladder: US Supreme Court Justice
Name the four-letter answers in this word ladder.
President, Justice or Speaker of the House (slideshow)
Name the position of each official, (P)resident, (J)ustice or or (S)peaker of the House.
US Supreme Court Justices
Tough quiz? - you be the judge...oh I kill me.
US Supreme Court
SCOTUS doesn't feel like the most flattering acronym.
Supreme Court Justice or New York Yankee?
We think SCOTUS would look pretty good in pinstripes.
One Justice Per Letter
You should do well on this quiz (if there is any justice in this world).
Movie Trial Results
Pick the verdict that was rendered in each movie (whether or not it was accurate)? Spoilers ahead!.
Spelling those Pesky Legal Terms
Pick the legal terms that are spelled correctly? (With apologies to my friends in Leeds, Calgary, and Adelaide, these are US spellings).
Saints/Sinners - Before and After Pairs
Name the Saint (First Name - First Set of Columns) and the Sinner (Last Name - Second Set of Columns) that form a Before and After Pair.
Famous 'Versus' Cases
Can you click the U.S. Supreme Court cases, while avoiding the other answers, which also include 'versus'?
All Ace Attorney Killers
Name the All Ace Attorney Killers.
justice league unlimited
Name the justice league unlimited.
Crimes That Superheroes May Be Charged With
Pick the Crimes That Superheroes May Be Charged With.
Presidents with no Supreme Court Justices
Name the Presidents that did not appoint a Supreme Court Justice.
Justice League Unlimited
Name the Justice League Unlimited Members.
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