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US Politicians Sorting Blitz
Politics is a dirty business, but somebody has to sort it out.
Justice League or Avengers?
When are they going to get a Justice League movie together? We hope Val Kilmer is cast as an overweight Batman.
Speech! Speech! Speech!
These words have stood the test of time.
US Supreme Court Justices
Tough quiz? - you be the judge...oh I kill me.
Mandela Bunker
Can you answer the progressively harder questions about Mandela?
Statue of Liberty Inscription
The poem that became the inscription was originally written as a fund-raising effort.
First Names of US Supreme Court Justices
We think someone come up with some cool nicknames for US Supreme Court justices. It'd spice the court up a bit.
The Miranda Warning
Fans of Law & Order might do better on this than others.
Constitutional Amendments in Three Words
If you had to rewrite the Constitution to fit into tweet-length, you might use these.
One Justice Per Letter
You should do well on this quiz (if there is any justice in this world).
US Supreme Court
SCOTUS doesn't feel like the most flattering acronym.
The Civil Rights Era Match-Up
Sometimes, you really do need to fight your rights.
Harry Potter Character or Supreme Court Justice?
Honestly, most of these seem like they could go either way.
Chief Justices (US)
These are the guys in charge of looking like people are in charge.
John Paul Stevens Justices
I find it ironic that serving on the US Supreme court is more or less a life sentence.
Supreme Court Chief Justices (clickable)
Pick the Chief Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Supreme Court Justice or New York Yankee?
We think SCOTUS would look pretty good in pinstripes.
Supreme Court: Who Replaced Who ?
Match to the photo the name of the judge each member of the US Supreme Court REPLACED.
Books About Racism: Fill in the Title
'You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.'
50 Most Published Justice League Members
Name the 50 Most Published Justice League Members.
Miranda Rights
It's good to know, but also good if you don't know.
10 to 1: Miscellaneous in 2017
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Word Ladder: US Supreme Court Justice
Name the four-letter answers in this word ladder.
Sporcle-Man and Bonus Boy
A special comic for this end-of-October holiday.
1990 Supreme Court
Name the Justices of the 1990-91 term of the United States Supreme Court.
President, Justice or Speaker of the House (slideshow)
Name the position of each official, (P)resident, (J)ustice or or (S)peaker of the House.
JLA Originals
It is a little known fact that as founding members these superheroes were given enormous stock grants as well as eligibility for bonuses based on performance.
Multi-Category Ninesomes
Can you click the members of a ninesome for each Sporcle Category?
U.S. Law Bunker
Can you answer the questions correctly to get to sector 15 of the U.S. Law Bunker? (answer with the letter options given, not the full answer.)
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