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Japanese Hiragana
Finally you'll be able to read your friend's tattoos.
Japanese Katakana
Katakana characters are primarily used for transcription of foreign words into Japanese.
Clickable Japanese Hiragana
Do you have a yen for all things Japanese?
Notable Movies of Japan
It's always a good time when you find a bunch of new movies to watch.
Draw 8-Bits in 8 Questions: Legend of Zelda
With one question per bit, if we do one of these for an N64 game it will be a much longer quiz.
Demon Slayer Characters Quiz (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Can you properly identify these KIMETSU no YAIBA characters?
Japanese Car Brands
Some of these cars are fast, some are furious... and some are typically driven by old people.
Hiragana Katakana Match-Up
Kanji can't help you here.
Hiragana Speed Reading
Name the romanized words for the Japanese Hiragana.
Pick a Japanese Dish
In case you were in a fight with your roommate over how neither of you can decide what to order for takeout.
Japanese in English
Who says that Japanese is difficult to learn? After taking this quiz I realized I speak it all the time.
Dragon Ball Z: Racial Groups
Pick these characters from Dragon Ball Z by their races and types.
Television Around the World
Can you figure out the languages these TV shows have been translated into?
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Playable Characters
Name the playable characters in the video game Dragon Ball FighterZ.
3-Word Anime Name Matching
This quiz is anime-zing.
Japanese Words You Probably Know
Say sayonara to only knowing one language.
Chinese, Japanese or Korean?
These countries actually play rock, paper, scissors every 10 years to determine the best flag.
Go Fish: Languages II
Can you click either the given language or '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' depending on whether you 'have' the language?
World Language Sorting Blitz's Evil Twin
Can you click these English words borrowed from other languages in the repeated order of French, Japanese, German, Japanese? The evil part is that 1 or 2 usually correct words are prohibited each turn ... an ill-timed click on one these ends the game.
Numbers in Japanese
Name the Numbers in Japanese.
Sushi or Japanese Emperor
All you need to know is that emperors are less likely to be delivered by conveyor belts.
Match the Hero and Villain: Anime
Match these anime heroes with their villains.
Hololive Vtuber Names
Match Hololive girls' first names with their surnames
Harii Pottaa
Match the official Japanese titles of the Harry Potter novels and play to the English originals.
Can You Name All The Stands Featured In JoJo?
Can You Name All The Stands Featured In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? (According to Wikipedia)
Missing Word: Anime Shows (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from the titles of each of these anime shows?
Countries by Japanese Name
We think we're turning Japanese, we really think so!
Flag Color Click - Japan
Pick the parts of the flag of JAPAN for each color.
Quick Pick: Japanese Landmarks
Name the missing word from these Japanese landmarks.
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