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Spot the... Japanese Prime Ministers
Can you click the people who served as Prime Minister of Japan, ignoring the people who did not?
Country Grid: Japan
Can you fill the grid by naming the facts about Japan?
Chinese, Japanese or Korean?
These countries actually play rock, paper, scissors every 10 years to determine the best flag.
Japanese Mountain Pick
Pick the Japanese mountains (all over 3000m) from other Japanese words and overseas mountains.
Black the Block: Language
A game for blockheads.
Get the Picture: Japanese Motorcycles
Can you choose the correct Japanese manufacturer for each motorcycle model?
Quick Pick: Cities in Japan
Can you quickly click only the cities in Japan and avoid decoys?
Get the Picture: Japanese Culture
Can you choose whether each Japanese word is related to food, sports or the arts?
Car Logos: Japan
Click only the logos of Japanese car marques and avoid the decoys from other countries
Things Made of Sushi
Presentation really can do a lot for your meals.
Multi-Category Tensomes
One for each finger.
Dragon Ball Super: Universes by Symbol
Pick the Universes in Dragon Ball Super by their symbols.
Find on Map: Largest Islands of Asia
Can you find the Top 20 Largest Islands of Asia on the Map?
Draw The Anime
Name the Anime that each character belongs to in order to complete the image below.
Word Ladder: Japanese and Korean Currencies
Name the words in this 3-lettered word ladder? .
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Mythologies
Of the four options given, which one isn't the correct answer to the mythology-related question?
Without Sporcle: Language
It would be pretty annoying if someone removed those 7 letters out of your dictionary.
Mixed Word: Cities of Japan
Name these Japanese cities from the word scrambles.
Bible Book by Japanese Name
Though shalt not confuse Kanji and Hiragana.
Quick Pick: Famous Japanese
Pick the famous people from Japan.
Seven Summits in Japanese
Can you pick one of the Seven Summits when given their name in Japanese?
Get the Picture: Japanese Cars
Can you choose the correct Japanese manufacturer for each car model?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Language
Yes, using Google translate on this quiz counts as cheating.
Hiragana Katakana Match-Up
Kanji can't help you here.
Japanese Verbs 1
Name the Japanese Verbs 1.
Japanese Elements Grab-Bag
Type in the answers suggested in these picture clues grouped by classic Japanese elements (rows) and Japanese themes (columns).
Japanese Hiragana
Do you have a yen for all things Japanese?
18 Ways to Say 'Language'
Pick the ways to say 'LANGUAGE' in different languages.
Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge Characters
Pick the characters that appear in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge.
Historical Figure or Anime Character?
Can you identify whether these names belong to people from Japanese history (H) or to fictional anime characters (A)?
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