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Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: James Bond
Can you sort the James Bond related terms into their categories before time runs out?
Missing Member: Movies
Can you choose the missing member of each Movies group, set or pair?
Cover the Alphabet - James Bond Movies
By naming James Bond movies, can you cover up all the letters of the alphabet? Each movie you name will cover up any letters contained in it.
007 Bond Girls Bunker
Can you answer the questions correctly to get to sector 15 of this 007 Bond girls bunker?
9 Fictional Korean characters
Pick the fictional characters from Korea.
1990s Movie Villains
And he just stood there! Menacingly! And also on... fire...
9 Fictional Japanese characters II.
Pick the fictional characters from Japan.
Chain of People 2
Pick the links to the chain of people.
Complete the James Bond Movie... With a Picture
Humming the theme music encouraged, but not required.
'D' Game
If you want to at least pass this quiz, you'll need to get 22 answers to get a 'D'.
Obscure Knowledge - James Bond Movies
With only one attempt, what is the least well-known James Bond Movie you can name? The less well-known the movie, the more you'll score!
Sporcle's Easiest Movie Answers
They might seem easy to you, but millions of Sporclers still missed these 'easy' answers.
10 to 1 Movie Countdown II
Unlike the movies, the Sporcle timer doesn't stop when it gets to 0:01.
3 Actors, 1 Movie Part 4
Name the ONLY movie that All 3 of these Actors/Actresses featured in.
James Bond Films By Villain's Scheme
Name the James Bond Films By Villain's Scheme.
Subcategory Sort: Disney, James Bond, or Star Wars
When 007 whips out his lightsaber, you'd best watch out.
Follow That Line: Spectre
Pick the lines that follow these quotes from 'Spectre'.
Letters Minefield: James Bond Movies
The name is Minefield, Letters Minefield.
Sporcle's Easiest Movies
Can you name Sporcle's easiest Movie answers for each category?
12 Ways Not to Say 'Bond'
Apparently the name is NOT Bond...James Bond.
James Bond Movies
This quiz is best played with a martini (shaken, not stirred)
Let's Play Quidditch: Movies
Can you answer the following questions and make your way to the Golden Snitch? (see game notes)
Movie Trivia 10 to 1 (Part 20)
Can you choose the correct items for each movie-related topic?
Literature by Definition: Ian Fleming
Pick the following words from the titles of Ian Fleming's works by their definitions.
How James Bond Likes His Martini
We've never seen him order it any other way.
Ultimate Minefield Blitz
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Archer Reviews James Bond
Sterling Archer, the World's (or at least TV's) Deadliest Spy, recently reviewed all the movies about some other guy named James Bond for Entertainment Weekly. Can you pick which movie each quote refers to? *
James Bond Actors
These guys are just like every other actor out there, only a lot cooler. A perfect score on this quiz gives you a license to Sporcle.
Click the Bond Villains or Be Killed!!
Can you click the James Bond movie villains? (Beware: If you miss and hit a Bond ally, you die!)
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