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This quiz is best played with a martini (shaken, not stirred)
Avoid the Fake Bond Title Words
Nothing's worse than a fake Bond.
Archer Reviews James Bond
Sterling Archer, the World's (or at least TV's) Deadliest Spy, recently reviewed all the movies about some other guy named James Bond for Entertainment Weekly. Can you pick which movie each quote refers to? *
007 In Other Words
In other words, just get the man a martini!
'D' Game
If you want to at least pass this quiz, you'll need to get 22 answers to get a 'D'.
300 First 10s by ANY 3 Letters
By any 3 letter sequence, can you name the first 10...
Roger Moore Bond Films
R.I.P. Roger Moore (1927-2017)
'The' Starting James Bond Films
The name's Bond. James Bond.
'L' Game
Leapin Lizards!!! It's the L game!
Bond Villains
No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!!!
James Bond Actors
These guys are just like every other actor out there, only a lot cooler. A perfect score on this quiz gives you a license to Sporcle.
Bond Film by Girl
After taking this quiz, it's pretty obvious Bond girls are named by a crack team of 12 year old boys.
One-Word James Bond Films
Sure, all these James Bond titles are completely made-up compound words, but they still count.
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2006
Can you match each actor to the correct 2006 film in which they appeared?
Double Letter Movies
Some letters feel the need to stick together.
First Letter Click II
We hate to break it to you, but the first letter is always 'A.'
Double Letter James Bond Movies
Double 'O' doesn't count.
12 Ways Not to Say 'Bond'
Apparently the name is NOT Bond...James Bond.
James Bond Song Performers
If you do poorly on this Bond Singers quiz, all we can offer you is a Quantum of Solace. We'll be here all night folks.
Prepositions in James Bond Titles
When you remove these, most of the titles become gibberish phrases about gold and death.
10 to 1 Movie Countdown II
Unlike the movies, the Sporcle timer doesn't stop when it gets to 0:01.
James Bond Logic Puzzle
Name the James Bond film in each box.
Missing Word: James Bond Actors
Name the missing word in the movies that these portrayers of James Bond were in.
One Bond Movie Per Actor
We've always wondered if James Bond and Doctor Who were related. How else could they change their faces and still be the same person?
James Bond A-Z
This quiz should be probably taken with a martini.
Bond Actors (First Names)
It's tough to know their first names when they always introduce themselves as Bond. James Bond.
'Y' Game
This is the final quiz in our long-running alphabet game series. Have you mastered them all?
James Bond Films by Locations
Sometimes we wonder if they just pull these out of a hat.
Movie Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bear who represents each of these movies or movie franchises.
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