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Animals in 4 Languages
Imagine if a tiger roared at you but you ended up hearing like... "oui oui" or something.
Romance Rainbow
Read with all the colors of the rainbow.
Pick an Italian Dish
Mangia, capisce?
Colors and Numbers in 4 Languages
Being multilingual will put you in prime coloring and numbering position.
Get the Picture: French or Italian Landmarks?
Can you determine whether the given landmark is in France or Italy?
Days and Months in 4 Languages
Time to see what you remember from your high school foreign language class.
4x4 Grid Match: Language
Just try not to get gridlocked.
Go Fish: Languages!
Can you click either the given language or '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' depending on whether you 'have' the language?
Find the Food in Italian
Olive Garden doesn't count.
Find the Italian Animals
You might even find some of these animals "roman" around Italy.
Italian Soccer Players
There are no Marios in this quiz, but there is one Gianluigi.
One Letter Words in Foreign Languages
Some of these may even be letters we don't have in English.
Italian Crossword
Can you fill this crossword about italy?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Language
Yes, using Google translate on this quiz counts as cheating.
Fruits and Vegetables in 4 Languages
This food is healthy in any language.
Find Italian Paintings
We suggest starting your search in Italy.
Clicking Pasta
If you're trying to avoid carbs, you might want to skip this one.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language
You'll have to be a true polyglot to get all these right.
Language Speed-Picking
For all those fast-talkers out there, this quiz should be a cinch.
Find 7 Cities: Italy
You can find them, but you'll have to pay your own way if you want to visit.
The Only Combination: 1-10
Can you determine which of the four combinations of digit, number, language AND flag is correct? Only ONE is correct per number.
Hidden Neighbors of Italy
Are the neighbors concerned about that leaning tower tipping over onto their property?
Countries of the Italian Empire
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
Italian Car Brands
In our experience, Italian cars are almost always driven by someone who looks like Magnum PI.
Italian Holidays Crossword
Can you fill the Italian Holidays Crossword?
15 Misnamed Flag Colors
It's just identifying colors. Easy, right?
Eight Language Colors Blitz
No, this doesn't make you multilingual. But maybe you could pretend, we're not sure.
Somewhere in the Middle (Language)
Statistically speaking, most things don't sit on edges.
► Body Parts in 4 languages
You should probably know what the parts you have on you are called. In case you lose them, or something.
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