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Italian Soccer Players
Name the soccer players from Italy.
Language Speed-Picking
For all those fast-talkers out there, this quiz should be a cinch.
What Language Pronoun Blitz
Determine the European language the nominative pronoun is from. (Watch for diacritics.)
Italian Football Champions
Name the football clubs which have won the Serie A and its predecessors.
Which Language?
We're still waiting for a country to adopt Klingon as its official language.
Pasta or Italian Composer
Was it Johan or Franz Rigatoni who composed Ride of the Valkyries, we can never remember.
Italian Speaking Countries
Parli Italiano? Even if you don't, you should have a good shot at getting all of these.
Italian Food Etymology
And here we thought all these Italian food names just translated into 'delicious'.
Numbers in Different Languages
Math is still hard, no matter what language the numbers are in.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language II
Pick the correct answers to each of these multiple choice questions that relate to the different subcategories in Language.
Blitz: Is it in Italy?
If you're looking for pizza and really old art, the answer is yes!
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language
Can you choose the correct answer to a question from each Language subcategory?
Italian: Nouns (Clickable)
Pick the English translations of each given noun in Italian.
Words By Origin 7-to-1
Pick the language of origin for each English word.
Foreign Language Oscar Titles
Can you choose the correct language for the Oscar winning Foreign Language films based on their original title and the films' submitted title?
Flag Color Click - Italy
Pick the parts of the flag of ITALY for each color.
World Language Sorting Blitz II
If you know these words, you might be able to convince people that you're multilingual.
6 Animals, 6 Languages
These animals are cute in all languages.
Famous Italians
The lives of these people have become a pizza history.
Language Toss-Up
We're just shocked that no country has made pig latin their officialway anguagelay.
In 6 Languages: Food
No matter what language it's in, it's all tasty.
Italian Verbs
All the Italian we know came from Robert Benigni award speeches.
Italian Car Brands
In our experience, Italian cars are almost always driven by someone who looks like Magnum PI.
In 6 Languages: Family Members
Just because they're family doesn't mean these words have to [be] like each other.
In 6 Languages: Jobs
Now you can procrastinate at work in 6 different languages.
7 Days in 6 Languages
If you ace this quiz, you might just be a translator robot in disguise.
Italian-English Name Dictionary
Ever wonder what 'Giada' translates to in English? Here's your chance to find out.
Countries of the Italian Empire
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
Italian Paintings [Pic Click]
Pick the correct painting by an Italian artist when prompted.
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