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-lphabetized: Horror Films
For each question below, can you select which horror film would be in the alphabetical rank listed if its first letter had not been removed?
'The Shining' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of The Shining in order?
The Last: Movies
Can you choose the last Movie fact?
Complete the Horror Movie... With a Picture
You'll probably want to cover your eyes for this part.
One-Syllable Movies II
Can you identify these movies with one-syllable titles?
Disney Goes to the Dark Side
Won't someone think of the villains?
Horror Movies Taglines
It's best to imagine these taglines being read in a creepy voice.
Horror Movie Title Match-Up
Without context, some of these movies seem downright hilarious.
Monster Movie By Monster Quote
This is a monster of a movie quiz.
'Jurassic Park' Start to Finish
Dinosaurs are cool and all, but we're not sure Jurassic Park is worth the risk.
Jack Torrance's Manuscript
Heeeeere's Johnny!
Monster Blitz
Time to start screaming.
Get The Picture: Horror Movies
If your given clues to a horror movie, can you pick the correct movie the clue is from?*
► 4 Decades of Horror Movies I
Pick the decade in which each of these horror movies was released.
Click a Movie, Initially - Horror Movies
Hopefully you didn't have your eyes closed while watching any of these films.
A Nightmare on Elm Street Movies
Pick the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies in order (not including the remake).
Quick Pick: Horror Movie Villains
Pick the murderers, ghosts, monsters, and other villains that feature in these horror films.
Horror Movie Motives
Who among us hasn't been motivated by the need to eat brains before?
Missing Word: AFI's Most Thrilling Movies
Name the missing words in these titles of movies, all included in the AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills list.
Movies Subcategories
Name the Movies Subcategories.
One-Syllable Movies
Can you identify these movies with one-syllable titles?
Missing Word: 'Movie' Movies
Name the missing words from these movies with the word 'Movie' in the title.
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Horror Movie
Of the four options given, which one isn't the correct answer to the horror movie-related question?
Vowel-less Movies (2018)
Name these movies from 2018 when given their title with the vowels removed.
Was I in Halloween?
There are some trick-or-treaters for whom you should not answer the door.
Movie Shoes
'So, I guess I'll just give you some money, and you can give me these shoes...'
Complete the Horror Tropes
"We should stay together," said no horror movie character ever.
Quick Pick: Monsters
Pick the monsters from their descriptions.
Horror Movie by Mask
Don't let these images mask the real quiz beneath.
Behind the Horror
The horror! The horror!
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