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Missing Word: Scary Movies
Name the words that are missing from the following horror films.
Scream Poster
Please find Casey in the poster below.
7 to 1: Iconic Movie Characters by Actors
Pick the actors who have played these popular movie characters at one time.
Was I in Halloween?
There are some trick-or-treaters for whom you should not answer the door.
Who Said It?: Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees
Can you determine whether Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise, Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise or both have said the given quotes?
It'd Have Been a Shorter Movie If... The Trilogy
The movie's over already? But we just got our popcorn.
Quick Pick: Movie Monster Mashup
Can you identify the horror movie when given the name of its villain?
Horror Films 7-to-1
Can you match every horror film related answer to the correct category?
10 to 1: Movies in 2017
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Horror Movie Motives 2
Pick the horror movies based on the motives the killers had*.
Horror Movie by Japanese Poster
Name the horror movie by its Japanese poster.
It'd Have Been a Shorter Movie If... The Sequel
The shorter the run time, the more movies you can watch.
'Jurassic Park' Start to Finish
Dinosaurs are cool and all, but we're not sure Jurassic Park is worth the risk.
Horror Films of the '70s
How many of these 1970s horror flicks can you name?
Missing Word: Slasher Films
Name the missing word from these notable slasher movies.
Watchmojo Horror Grab Bag: Horror Scenes
Name the movies in which these horror scenes (as ranked by Watchmojo) occurred? .
Word Ladder: 1990s Thriller
Name the 4-letter words containing the name of a 1990s thriller with Quentin Tarantino.
Quick Pick: Stephen King Movies
Pick the movies based on Stephen King works while avoiding the decoys.
Biggest Opening Weekends in January
Name the movies released in January that earned the most money in their opening weekend.
Movies at the Half-Hour Mark (Horror II)
Can you guess the following Horror movies based on a screenshot taken at the 30-minute mark?
Jack Torrance's Manuscript
Heeeeere's Johnny!
Movie Shoes
'So, I guess I'll just give you some money, and you can give me these shoes...'
An American Werewolf in London Quiz
Can you answer these questions based around the 1981 film An American Werewolf in London?
Monster Blitz
Time to start screaming.
Put the Friday the 13th movies in order
Pick the Put the Friday the 13th movies in order.
Horror Movies of the Last 25 Years
Name the horror movies from their pictures, one for each of the last 25 years.
Fake Horror Movie Sequels
Pick the fake sequel from each horror movie franchise.
Word Ladder: Vampire Charity
Name the 4-letter words in this before and after themed word ladder.
Horror in Space
Can you decide whether these horror movie franchises have been to (S)pace or (N)ever been to space?
Horror Movies by Difficulty
Name the Horror Movies as they get progressively more difficult? (blood/gore warning).
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