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Horror Movies of the Last 25 Years
Our apologies if this quiz makes you scream.
Come On, Can I Have A Second Chance?
In movies, a serial killer usually will try and kill one specific victim. If you're shown a serial killer, can you identify who they wanted to kill, but their victim got away?
Kids in Horror Movies
Sometimes possessed, sometimes benign, always creepy.
Definition Without Words: Horror Movies
When given a definition, identify the word being defined and then use it to complete the name of the appropriate Horror movie title.*
1990s Movie Villains
And he just stood there! Menacingly! And also on... fire...
Click a Movie, Initially - Horror Movies II
Don't worry, initials can't jump-scare you. We think.
Stephen King Movies by Actor
No pets or actors were harmed during the making of this quiz.
Disney Goes to the Dark Side
Won't someone think of the villains?
Get the Picture: Poltergeist or Poltergeist
If you're given a bit of trivia about a Poltergeist movie, can you tell if it's from the original or the remake?*
Officer, someone is trying to kill me.
You're a police officer and someone has come to you to say that someone is trying to kill them. If you're given a clue, can you find out what horror movie they're from?
It'd Have Been a Shorter Movie If...
Common sense ruins a lot of films.
Non-Moving Movies
Name these movies which spend all or most of their time in one location.
Movies at the Half-Hour Mark (Horror)
It's easy to fall asleep half an hour into a lot of movies, but horror? That takes skill.
Movie Shoes
'So, I guess I'll just give you some money, and you can give me these shoes...'
Slant Magazine's 100 Greatest Horror Films
Name the top 100 horror films of all-time according to Slant Magazine.
Behind the Horror
The horror! The horror!
Click the Godzilla Monsters!
Can you identify each of these Kaiju (monsters) from the Godzilla film franchise?
Movies by Death Count
Being a movie character is a dangerous job.
Movie Villians
Name the Movie Villians.
Horror Movie Killers
Name the Horror Movie Killers.
100 Greatest Horror Movie Performances
Name the 100 greatest horror movie performances according to retroCRUSH.
Fangoria's Top 300
Name the Fangoria's Top 300 Horror Movies.
'J' Movie Villains
Pick the film villains whose names begin with J.
Horror Movie Trivia by Sporcle Category
Can you answer all of these horror movie questions from each Sporcle catergory?
Movie Mega-Match-Up
Match the item/thing to movie/franchise.
Get the Picture: Resident Evil or Underworld?
Can you choose whether each character pictured is from the Resident Evil movie franchise or the Underworld franchise?
A Killer From a Horror Movie Wants To Ask You Something
A serial killer from a movie notices you, and they want to ask you for some help. Can you help them and tell them what Horror movie they need to go to?
Quick Click: Musical Horror Movies
Can you click on each of these musical horror movies when given their name?
Which Zombie Movie?
Pick the Zombie Movie according to their descriptions.
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