Horror Movies Quizzes

Movie Shoes
'So, I guess I'll just give you some money, and you can give me these shoes...'
Jack Torrance's Manuscript
Heeeeere's Johnny!
THE Horrors!
It's not just a horror, it's THE horror.
Scream Franchise Multiple Choice Quiz
Be careful. Ghostface penalizes wrong answers harshly.
Movie Pets II
The real question is which of these pets would be the cuddliest.
Complete the Horror Tropes (Clickable)
What are you doing? Don't go in there!
Horror Movie Quiz
Find out is you are a true horror aficionado.
Horror Movie Icons Slideshow
Don't invite these guys to your Halloween party.
Quick Pick: Monsters
Player beware: you're in for a scare.
Horror Movie Remake Slideshow
Is it still scary the second time around?
Horror Movie Motives
Who among us hasn't been motivated by the need to eat brains before?
Behind the Horror
The horror! The horror!
Horror Movie Title Match-Up
Without context, some of these movies seem downright hilarious.
What Movie? Scary Movies
All work and no mentally stimulating diversions makes Jack a dull boy.
Brat, Frat, Rat or Splat
Pick the right pack!
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