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Avoid the 'A' NHL Teams
If you type 'Avalanche', you're doing it wrong.
NHL Teams
If there isn't a team named the 'Zambonis' in the NHL one day, it will be a shame on all of humanity.
Which Logo Is NHL? (Minefield)
We'll see you on the ice.
Colors in Team Names
Some teams just need a few more adjectives to set themselves apart.
NHL Teams by Name Length
If only the Seattle Metropolitans hadn't folded in 1924...
Stanley Cup Finals Grid Minefield
Can you click the squares representing Stanley Cup Finals matchups (since 1982) that have happened without clicking one that hasn't?
NHL Logos
We're getting cold just looking at these logos.
Find the Big 4 Animals
Some of these big 4 animals aren't very big at all.
Blackboard Blitz: NHL Teams
Why is it hockey games always break out at boxing matches?
Simpsons Sports Quotes
Pick the correct word to complete the Simpsons sports quote.
Who's That Goalie?
Name the men behind the mask.
Unique Letter NHL Teams
These teams just like to stand out from the rest.
NHL Stats Leaders (1990s)
We always wonder if hockey players use their ice skates for anything else, like chopping broccoli.
NHL Winter Classic Winners
An NHL tradition every New Year's Day.
Illinois Big 4 Teams
Illinois really needs a team called the 'Oh Mys'.
Most Valuable Sports Franchises
For better or worse, in sports, value is not always tied to success.
Stanley Cup Finals Since 2000
Today's Sporcle Fact: The Stanley Cup is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, who was Governor General of Canada in 1892.
NHL States Minefield
No one wants to skate on a minefield.
Last Five: Big 4 Champions
You don't need a good memory to remember these recent winners.
Cities With Multiple Big 4 Teams
These cities have so many sports teams, they probably forget about one or two of them on a regular basis.
Athletes of the 2000s
Out with the old school, in with the new.
NHL States & Provinces
We think Hawaii needs an NHL team.
Letter 'A' Hall of Famers
You can't fight City Hall, but we'd take on the Hall of Fame.
Hockey Hall of Fame
Established in 1940, the Hockey Hall of Fame has 240 inductees, for the true hockey fan, this quiz is not unlike a spring Christmas.
NHL Mascot Blitz II
Pick the NHL team mascots.
NHL Teams on a Map
In some cases, the hockey rink might be the coldest place in the whole state!
Which of the Two... Sports Teams
Two teams face off in each question, and somehow YOU end up with all the points.
NHL Stats Leaders (2000s)
The NHL in the 2000s was defined by some truly great players. Also a lockout and some disciplinary scandals, but mostly the great players.
NHL Close-Up Logos
Careful though. Get too close and you might just lose a tooth.
Letter 'B' Hall of Famers
Pick the league in which the following Hall of Famers participated.
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